Harmless Harvest CEO Ben Mand on Regenerative Farming, Ethical Supply Chains, and Future of Plastic Bottles

Harmless Harvest organic fair trade coconut water

In episode 181 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, we speak with Ben Mand, CEO of Harmless Harvest, on regenerative farming, ethical supply chains, and the future of plastic bottles.

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Ben Mand is an accomplished executive with extensive domestic and international experience in strategic planning, P&L oversight, global supply chain and operations, multichannel product delivery, new business creation, and marketing communications, particularly in start-up and growth organizations.

Mand is currently the CEO of Harmless Harvest, a leader in premium coconut water and plant-based dairy, and the only Fair For Life Certified Organic Producer.

Harmless Harvest CEO Ben Mand on Regenerative Farming, Ethical Supply Chains, and Future of Plastic Bottles

As CEO, he provides executive leadership of the plant-based food and beverage company with over $100 million in revenue, with full responsibility for global sales and operations and over 700 employees.

Prior to his role at Harmless Harvest, Mand was responsible for the business P&L, Strat Plan, marketing communications, innovation, mission, and creative at Plum Organics.

During his time there, he was instrumental in strengthening Plum’s core mission, developing an award-winning brand campaign and activation, and launching more than 50 new products, which helped accelerate the brand from the #3 to the #1 organic baby food company.

Before joining Plum, Mand held various brand marketing and innovation roles at leading companies, including General Mills, Johnson & Johnson, and Interbrand.

He made an impact as a change agent, driving improvements in health, sustainability, and social impact while delivering consistent sales and profit growth for well-known brands such as Progresso, Pillsbury, Yoplait, Topamax, LexisNexis, Canal+, and Symantec.

About Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest ethical supply chain

Harmless Harvest is a company that is on a mission to provide the best-tasting and most nutritious coconut water in the most ethical way possible. Their commitment to ethical and sustainable practices is evident in everything they do, from the way they source their coconuts to the way they treat their employees.

At the heart of Harmless Harvest’s mission is a commitment to transparency and fairness. The company is dedicated to working with farmers who use sustainable and regenerative farming practices, which helps to protect the environment and ensures that the farmers are paid fairly for their work.

In addition, Harmless Harvest is the only coconut water producer to be certified Fair For Life, a certification that recognizes ethical and fair labor practices throughout the supply chain.

Harmless Harvest’s commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices doesn’t stop with its farming partnerships.

The company is also dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact by using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic for its bottles and investing in renewable energy projects to offset its carbon emissions.

All of this commitment to ethical and sustainable practices might make you wonder, “But what about the product itself?” Fear not, because Harmless Harvest’s coconut water is also delicious and nutritious.

The company uses a unique, micro-filtration process to maintain the flavor and nutritional value of the coconut water while ensuring that it’s free from harmful bacteria. The result is a pure, refreshing beverage that’s perfect for hydrating after a workout or as a refreshing beverage on a hot day.

In addition to its original coconut water, Harmless Harvest also offers a variety of other coconut-based products, including plant-based yogurts.

All of these products are made with the same commitment to sustainability, fairness, and transparency that has made Harmless Harvest such a beloved brand.

Overall, Harmless Harvest is a company that is truly committed to making a positive impact on the world.

From its partnerships with sustainable farmers to its focus on supporting social and environmental initiatives, Harmless Harvest is proof that businesses can be successful while still prioritizing ethical and sustainable practices.

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