Hopdoddy Embraces Regenerative Agriculture Practices With Bold New Menu

Hopdoddy Embraces Regenerative Agriculture Practices With Bold New Menu

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, an Austin-based national brand known for its innovative take on burgers, is taking a bold step towards promoting eco-friendliness through a nationwide rollout of regenerative meat.

This transformative shift marks a departure from the conventional narrative that associates eco-friendliness solely with plant-based alternatives.

“ENOUGH (!) with the narrative of eco-friendly equals plant based. We have deviated from the old-fashioned – and effective way – Mother Nature ran the farm for billions of years.

The best standards and future of quality sourcing is regenerative farming – one of the most effective ways to help reverse climate change.” – Hopdoddy’s VP of Culinary Matt Schweitzer

The Power of Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a holistic approach to farming and animal-raising that harmonizes with nature, producing delicious and nutrient-rich food while simultaneously healing the planet.

By combining principles of agroecology and agrotechnology, regenerative agriculture involves working collaboratively with nature to manage land.

This approach focuses on soil regeneration, ecosystem healing, and increasing the resilience of agricultural systems.

It also leads to higher yields, carbon capture, increased nutrient density in food, and economic revitalization in rural areas.

One notable aspect of regenerative agriculture is planned grazing, which helps sequester atmospheric carbon, enhance soil health, and restore native grasslands.

Hopdoddy’s Partnership with Force of Nature

Hopdoddy's Partnership with Force of Nature

In a significant move, Hopdoddy has partnered with Force of Nature to source their meats and raise awareness about the urgent need for increased adoption of regenerative farming practices.

Each burger served at Hopdoddy jumpstarts a regenerative food system that has proven benefits such as cooling the planet, purifying the air and water, rejuvenating soil, and ensuring humane treatment of animals.

Impactful Land Stewardship

Hopdoddy’s commitment to regenerative agriculture resulted in the support of the regenerative management of over 14,000 acres of land last year.

This support had a cascading effect, benefiting entire ecosystems with a diverse array of plant and animal species, including butterflies, songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, deer, pronghorn, elk, and more.

Remarkably, this land was not subjected to traditional tilling and chemical spraying for animal feed, as is common in conventional farming systems.

A Wake-Up Call for Consumers

The shift towards regenerative meat comes at a time when consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the nutritional and environmental aspects of their food choices.

The recent class-action lawsuit against Beyond Meat Inc., a company that produces plant-based meat-substitute products, has highlighted concerns that consumers were misled about the nutritional benefits compared to traditional meat products.

New Regenerative Burgers

Hopdoddy New Regenerative Burgers

Starting now, Hopdoddy’s menu will no longer include plant-based meat substitute options.

Instead, they will offer five regenerative burgers, including:

  1. The Roosevelt Burger: Featuring Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative Bison with Goat Cheese and Fig Jam.
  2. The Regenerative Royale: A twist on the classic double quarter pounder with cheese, made Hopdoddy style, using Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative beef.
  3. The Mother Nature: Consisting of a Force of Nature 100% grass-fed regenerative beef patty, Vital Farms pasture-raised egg, Raw Farm cheddar cheese Frico, Brother’s Bond Bourbon onion jam, crispy shallots, and au poivre aioli.
  4. The Buffalo Bill: A burger with a Force of Nature regenerative bison patty, topped with blue cheese, steakhouse bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, buffalo sauce, and Doddy Mayo.
  5. El Bandito: Hopdoddy’s famous house-made veggie patty, available for substitution in any burger.

Join the Movement

Hopdoddy is launching a movement across all its locations, inviting everyone to “Save the Planet… One Bite at a Time” with their regenerative options.

To raise further awareness, Hopdoddy is sponsoring the premiere of the film “Common Ground” on October 4th in Austin, Texas.

This film features prominent actors such as Laura Dern, Rosario Dawson, Jason Momoa, Woody Harrelson, Ian Somerhalder, and Donald Glover.

It tells the inspiring story of pioneers in the Regenerative Movement who are producing nutritionally dense food, balancing the climate, and reviving entire ecosystems.

Despite their diverse backgrounds, these individuals share a common goal – restoring our soil and conserving our planet.

This shift towards regenerative meat marks a significant step forward in the restaurant industry’s efforts to promote sustainable and environmentally conscious dining choices.

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