Meet Humanitix, the Non-Profit Changing the Ticketing World

Meet Humanitix, the Non-Profit Changing the Ticketing World

Humanitix is a non-profit organization that has been transforming the way ticketing works since their launch in 2016. By using their technology and services, events both big and small can run a modern event, all while, in parallel, raise money for educational causes.

In Episode 167 of the Disruptors for Good podcast, I speak with Joshua Ross, Co-founder of Humanitix, on turning annoying booking and ticketing fees into a force for good.

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Their mission is to make a difference with every ticket sold.

The organization exists to close the education gap – but they can’t do it alone. That’s why have a community of Partners and Supporters who are each doing amazing work for a better world.


How Humanitix Works

The process starts by signing up on the Humanitix website, which provides access to all of their features. Once signed up, you can create your event(s), sell ticket, and manage your entire event process.

Every time someone purchases a ticket through Humanitix’s platform, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a partner charity that focuses on education. This way, you can facilitate meaningful change while running your event smoothly and effectively.

The organization also offers the ability to create discounts for your events such as student groups or charities so more people can access the platform and use it for good causes.

Humanitix Features

Humanitix Features

Humanitix offers an array of modern technology features, from ticketing, custom event pages, backend event management, to payment processing, that enable event organizers to easily manage their events.

Furthermore, they provide support and advice on how to maximize the impact of each event. Their technology also offers insights into who is attending each event and what their preferences are, allowing organizers to tailor experiences accordingly and increase engagement with their audience.

Features breakdown:

  • Customize your event’s unique brand look and feel with Canva design tools in our event builder.
  • Sell books, reusable coffee cups, funky hoodies, or anything your guests might need.
  • Manage capacity or offer crazy combinations. Their tools make it simple to do so.
  • Event seat maps that showcase tables, auditoriums, even market stall allocations.
  • An epic support team ready to help with any aspect of setting up your event
  • Release new tickets and notify waitlisted guests automatically as soon as additional tickets become available.
  • Their free app means anyone can staff the door, scan tickets and welcome guests – even volunteers, and interns.
  • Email your audience and guests before, during and after the event.

Humanitix Accessibility

Humanitix’s Accessibility

ANother huge part of the Humanitix mission is to enable greater community participation and social inclusion for the more than one billion people worldwide who have been excluded from events due to their disabilities.

The organization is taking steps towards establishing an exceptional platform that can provide all individuals with a welcoming, accessible experience at gatherings across all communities and culture.

They’ve built world-first tools that help people find events that accommodate their individual needs and interests, from sign language interpretation to wheelchair accessibility.

Humanitix’s Impact

The Humanitix mission is summed up easily in their giving model. Turning annoying booking fees into a force for good. Through the revenue from booking fees Humanitix funds education projects for the world’s most disadvantaged children to close the global education gap.

To date, the organization has donated $2,540,040 + to educational projects around the world.

Hosting events on Humanitix is not only a great way to connect, but also helps make the world brighter for disadvantaged kids. Each event has an impact and can help create a future of equal opportunity.

By utilizing Humanitix’s technology and services, event organizers can make a positive impact on society while managing their events more efficiently than ever before.

With no setup fees or commission charges for using Humanitix’s services, there is no reason not to try this innovative non-profit out in order to make a difference in your community through fundraising activities.

Thanks to Humanitix’s cutting-edge technology, it has never been easier to do good while enjoying great success with your event planning efforts!

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