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I Learned These Two Major Lessons in My First Year of Being a Social Entrepreneur

I Learned These Two Major Lessons in My First Year of Being a Social Entrepreneur



Since becoming a social entrepreneur and founding the Hounds, LTD. in January of 2016, I’ve learned more lessons that I ever thought my little brain could handle. Anyone who knew me as a child can attest that I learn things the hard way. My preferred method is trial by fire. And this journey has been that and so much more.


FAITHFULNESS is lesson number one. It manifests itself in so many different forms. It manifests itself by checking the email list several times a day. It manifests itself by taking advice on product concepts. It manifests itself by restarting the creative process when a release flops. It manifests itself by following every lead to the source. The most telling aspect of lessons in faithfulness is that they happen EVERY SINGLE DAY whether I want them to or not. Then they happen even more. FAITHFULLNESS takes no days off. In turn, I do my very best to take no days off because I aspire to be FAITHFUL.


I was vaguely familiar with STEWARDSHIP prior to starting this adventure. More than anything else, it has to do with the posture I take approaching my work with the Hounds, LTD. Not everyone has the opportunity to make their dream a reality, and I cannot discount that by failing to show up every day. I cannot let down my customers who rely on me to enable these youth of inner city Chicago to change their futures.




I am in a constant state of improvement. I always look for ways to make the next product that much better than the last. And I’m always looking for ways to make myself better than I’ve been.


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