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I Went From Wall Street to Providing Water for Developing Countries: How to Find your Personal Legend

I Went From Wall Street to Providing Water for Developing Countries: How to Find your Personal Legend



Have you ever struggled in deciding what to do with your life? Recently I have founded Elliot For Water, a Google that creates water every time you search, but before starting this project I found myself in this strange situation where I was standing there without knowing where I really wanted to go next. It felt like being in front of a crossroads and not being able to decide which direction to take. I have the feeling that many of us have been there. Sometimes it happens because we are afraid, and sometimes because we are just very confused. The problem is, it does not matter what your reason may be, you still end up getting stuck in this procrastinative situation of not going anywhere, or taking the easy and often wrong way.


In my specific case, I reached the fork during my last year at the business school. I was studying in Paris and, when I arrived there, I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do: which was becoming the Next Big Thing in Wall Street, invest in renewables energies and green technologies and make so much money that I could retire by the age of 40. Basically a copy and paste of the story of Shia LaBeuf in, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. At some point of my studies, though, I got asked by my school if I wanted to take on a second major, and I thought that Entrepreneurship could have been something cool to add, and so I did. What I did not know, though, is that this decision would have completely changed what I wanted to do in life.




In the middle of my last academic year I found myself completely splitted in two, one side of me was visualizing himself as the new Gordon Gekko, working in the stock exchange of Singapore and making a ridiculous amount of money, while the other side was telling me, “Are you really going to work for someone else? Don’t you want to be your own boss and start something that is going to be all your?”.


What really helped me, at this point, was the book that introduced me to the Universe and that started the shift in my life: The Alchemist, of Paulo Coelho. Normally I believe that we have all the answers we need inside ourselves, we just have to listen, but sometimes, especially at the beginning of our travel, when we are not very used to pay attention, the Universe can help us find our way, and that’s where the book helped me.


The Alchemist talks about the story of Santiago, a Spanish shepherd that leaves everything he knows to go chase his dream and find his treasure. The book explains how the Universe helps those who are trying to live their Personal Legend, which is really nothing more than our mission on the earth. In order to help us find this mission and chase our dreams, the Universe puts on our way some signs, or as the author of the book calls them: omens. In my experience these signs have often showed up as coincidences, even though they have many forms. The first time I realized I was in front of a omen was when facing the crossroads.


As I said before I really didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, and for this reason I decided to test the book and its teachings. What I did is very simple: the first step has been shutting up and stopping overthinking and worrying about what could have or could not have happened; second, with a calm mind and the confidence that I had already all the answers, I thanked the Universe AS IF It has already showed me the path; the last thing to do was to keep that calm, live in the present, and pay attention: what happened next is incredible.


“Learn to recognize the omens, and follow them”. Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


That same morning I went to school to attend my daily classes and, funnily enough, the topic of the first course was a study that explained how each person, based on his physiology, is more talented to certain types of business roles than others. That sounded quite like a good premise, didn’t it? At some point the teacher started talking about people with a low blood pressure, like me, and he went on on describing the personality of these people, trust me when I tell you that it felt like he was describing myself. In this exact moment the magic happened, and the omen showed up: “This type of personality is perfect to start new projects, companies, and things from scratch”. Boom, that was it! I had my answer written in red and capital letters on the blackboard in front of me. It was freaking impossible to miss it.


Back then little did I know that eventually I would have become a social entrepreneur trying to bring safe water to millions of people, but that’s the fun part of life, isn’t it?


From that moment I completely put aside the Wall Street path, and I solely focused on becoming an entrepreneur. Back then little did I know that eventually I would have become a social entrepreneur trying to bring safe water to millions of people, but that’s the fun part of life, isn’t it? Completely unpredictable as soon as you leave your comfort zone.


I can guarantee that this decision has been the best of my life. It started a circle of reactions, consequences, and coincidences that I could have never imagined. When I look back at all the things that happened to me I see how every little detail, good or bad, was there at the perfect time, in the perfect place, and for the perfect reason. This whole situation made me become grateful for everything happening in my life, and it makes me believe that I’m definitely on the right track.


If there’s something that I could take out from this first experience, is that if I want to follow the right path for me, and achieve my dreams, I always have to listen: to the Universe, to the signs, and to myself!


This post originally appeared on Andrea Demichelis blog here

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