How ImpactableX uses Data to Power Meaningful Analytics at Scale


In episode 25 of the Investing in Impact podcast, we speak with Catherine Griffin, founder of ImpactableX, on using data to power meaningful analytics at scale.

“If we’re really going to address our biggest global problems, we’re going to need our most powerful technologies delivered via business models with massive potential to scale. We need to drive innovative and financial capital towards solutions with the greatest potential for meaningful, material impact from the very beginning.”

– Catherine Griffin, founder of ImpactableX

Of the hundreds of founders she has served, nearly all of them have great aspirations for impact.

Their passion for their mission drives them at a fundamental level, yet they crave a deeper understanding of how exactly – and to what degree – their work materially affects our resources and vulnerable populations and contributes to the resolution of our greatest challenges.

They crave data to validate it and speak to its potential over time.

Over the last 5 years, GoodCompany Ventures developed and refined a forward-looking, data driven approach to social impact modeling, which equips founders with the ability to articulate how their products and services generate social & environmental value, and the scope of their impact potential at scale.

As a result of the success with leading social entrepreneurs, impact funds and academics, they have now made this product available to the impact community at large.

About ImpactableX

ImpactableX empowers founders’ stories with analytical legitimacy, grounding and validation, enabling them to build their businesses with impact data rather than intentionality, and share much more powerful stories about the full potential of their innovation with partners, customers and investors.

The ImpactableX methodology was developed by GoodCompany Ventures, an award-winning accelerator and innovation consortium. It has been used by leading social entrepreneurs, Impact Funds and Academics, including TSEF, Wharton, Stanford, USAID’s Global Innovation Exchange, and Techstars, among several others.

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