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These 5 Social Enterprise Brands Are Impacting The World Through Socks

These 5 Social Enterprise Brands Are Impacting The World Through Socks


SOCKS ARE THE MOST REQUESTED & LEAST DONATED ARTICLE OF CLOTHING IN HOMELESS SHELTERS. Over twenty-four billion socks are being produced and sold each year around the world. These social enterprise brands recognize the immense impact socks can have on communities and individuals. Some of these social enterprise sock brands are creating local jobs, giving back to the local community, impacting water and hunger projects, and educating consumers how simply buying a pair of awesome socks can impact a life.

Kinfolk Collective

With every pair sold through Kinfolk Collective, a pair will be donated to a local shelter or individual in need in New Orleans, LA. USA.  It’s easy to forget how important socks are to our health since most of us have easy access to a clean pair daily, but millions of Americans are without that luxury. Clean socks are essential to disease prevention, foot pain, warmth, & overall quality of life.  At Kinfolk Collective, you’re not only supporting a small business, you are also helping the less fortunate. We’re all connected & little improvements can add up to make a big difference in our world.


MItscoots is a company that was born from the dire need for socks among the less fortunate. They saw a problem and are doing something about it. Three things in fact. They sell 100% great American gear. For every item you purchase, they will give an equal quality item to someone in need. And finally, they take pride in employing the transitioning homeless.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step is a social enterprise creating well designed socks to fight for global causes. In partnership with the some of the world’s most impactful organizations, each design contributes to a different global cause. In partnership with UNAIDS, the company has socks that provide 1 week of HIV therapy for an expectant  mother; with Room to Read they have socks provide 2 schoolbooks; with Action Against Hunger they have socks that provide 6 meals for a starving child; with each pair provides 18 months of clean water to someone without this basic need, lastly, with Trees for the Future they have socks that plant 20 trees.

Swap Socks

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SWAP Socks makes high quality, mismatched socks that are a wearable statement bringing aid and awareness to the fight against preventable blindness and visual impairment around the world. They partner in this mission is Seva Foundation, who provides us the resources and network to deliver sight restoring services to the people who need it most.

Evoke Socks

With every colorful dress sock purchase, Evoke Socks will donate revenue to a cause. With over twenty-four billion socks being produced and sold each year around the world, the opportunity to spread social awareness is immense. Imagine if every one of those socks gave something back?

This is why Evoke Socks have decided to support various causes ranging from cancer research, to rainforest protection, to hunger prevention, to clean water supply in developing countries. They pledge to give 1$ for every charity sock we sell to those in need by supporting the most trustworthy of charity organizations in their future endeavors.

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