This New Jewelry Collection Is Made From Upcycled War Remains


For the past two years, Cassandra Ciarallo, founder of Chic Made Consciously has been creating and designing her handmade ethical jewelry collection. The collection is created from tires made by the Balinese community at Art Cycle Bali. As Chic Made Consciously continues to expand on their brand morals of social and environmental responsibility, they have transitioned to something new, while continuing to show consumers that more can be done with waste.

Keeping the model of circularity in mind, the new ethical jewelry Golden Collection is all upcycled brass from war remnants in Cambodia. Four to Six million pieces of landmines and bullet casings still remain scattered across Cambodia.

Back in 2014, Cassandra visited Cambodia completely unaware of its violent past and struggles the community faced. Cassandra quickly learned about the Khmer Rouge and visited the Killing Fields where some of the most educated Cambodians, such as doctors, lawyers and professors were killed along with their families.

This New Jewelry Collection Is Made From Upcycled War Remains

The pieces from the new jewelry collection help to alleviate and remove this tragic past from the Cambodian people and give an opportunity for economic empowerment. It allows for consumers to invest in this cause and connect with Cambodians in solidarity! Check out the full jewelry collection here. 

Chenla, the man who has made our entire collection
Meet Chenla, the man who made the entire collection! See his video here as well. 

About Chic Made Consciously:

Chic Made Consciously is an accessory and fashion line completely upcycled, hand-crafted and fair trade. Working with artisans in Bali & Cambodia, they are transforming tires and war remnants into gorgeous wearable products. Since launching the company, Chic Made Consciously has continued to grow and inspire shoppers to think consciously, and make ethical shopping choices.

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