Kane Footwear is Creating a More Sustainable Shoe for Athletes Through Plant Based Foam

Kane Footwear is Creating a More Sustainable Shoe for Athletes Through Plant Based Foam

Inspiring their namesake, Kane Footwear exclusively sources sugarcane-based foam for their footwear. This plant-based foam actually retains CO2 sequestered during the sugarcane’s growth cycle, making it a carbon negative material.

From choosing a hydroelectric manufacturing plant to using recycled plastic for their hang loops, sustainability is built into the core of Kane’s product.

The innovative company is dedicated to sustainability by offering conscious consumers a diverse range of eco-friendly and biodegradable footwear options primarily composed of sugarcane fibers.

Their advanced utilization of cutting-edge technologies reflects a commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of their products, while simultaneously providing remarkable comfort and functionality.

The impressively fast growth of Kane Footwear serves as a testament to the increasing global demand for environmentally responsible products, paving the path for a more sustainable and ethically responsible future in the footwear industry.

Below is an interview with Founder and CEO of Kane Footwear, John Gagliardi.

Q: When was the light-bulb moment for you to start Kane Footwear?

A: I was producing sports products overseas for over 15 years and I wanted to find more planet friendly materials to put into my future products.

I hired a Material Experts group to find me a renewable material that wouldn’t compromise the functionality of the product.

I also wanted to make sure that this new product, which became the Kane Revive, had some real functionality that would help all active people recover from their activities.

Kane Footwear for athletes

Q: What is the mission and vision of Kane footwear?

A: Our mission is to offer footwear that’s healthy for your body and the planet. The Revive recovery slip-on is an active recovery solution that can help athletes come back and perform without compromising on sustainability.

We achieved this by working with renowned sports podiatrist Dr. Dan Geller to craft a shoe that balances cushion and support to help you recover quickly and efficiently.

Q: What does a bio-based EVA shoe mean?

A: The Revive is made from ReStoreFoam™, a sugarcane-based foam that serves as an alternative to traditional fossil fuel-based EVA foam.

Our foam is made by extracting ethanol from Brazilian sugarcane, which contains the CO2 that was sequestered during the sugarcane’s growth process – making this foam a carbon negative material.

Kane footwear

Q: Why is bio-based EVA important?

A: The recovery shoe market right now is filled with options that are made with traditional EVA foam, and we wanted to offer a shoe made with renewable, earth-friendly materials.

This decision is for our customers, but also for the industry – the more companies investing in renewable alternative materials, the more accessible and widespread those materials become.

We’ve prioritized sustainability from inception, with a Brazil-based manufacturer and FSC certified/recyclable packaging. 

Q: What parts of the business are focused on the most over the next 12 months?

A: Over the next 12 months we’re working to become Climate Neutral Certified and fully BCorp Certified– we’re excited to join like-minded companies through those programs. We’re also working on partnering with athletes and other companies that share our mission and vision for recovery.

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