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Kare Kase Wants To Protect Your Phone And Create Impact

Kare Kase Wants To Protect Your Phone And Create Impact


Kare Kase was born from the idea that products should not only take care of our devices, but also the planet we inhabit. Kare Kase is excited to release their new phone cases that represent purpose and giving back. They actively search for global issues and work together to raise awareness, funds, and supply users with awesome phone cases. They only collaborate with organizations that have proven their dedication and efficiency to their cause. Depending on which case you choose, Kare Kase will donate to the corresponding cause. They give a minimum of 30% of all net revenue to the supporting organizations. Currently Kare Kase has partnered with four organizations including Almost Home Animal Rescue, Sustainable Harvest International, Soldier’s Angels, and the Children’s Cancer Fund.


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Below is a quick interview with JT Danckers and Louie Bonilla, founders of Kare Kase


How did you come to the idea of using cell phone style and protection to aid with global issues?


The idea is to make giving back as easy as possible for this generation. Every one in the US has a cellphone and essentially needs a case to protect it. By making a case that not only protects your phone but also the world, our target audience is potentially everyone with a phone. We knew for the start that we wanted to be a socially responsible company. We want to offer an alternative from your average run of the mill phone case. Kare Kase gives back and also does a great job protecting your phone. We’ve done multiple drop tests which you can see on our Instagram. We stand behind what our product does and what our product means.






Do the four designs of the Kare Kase correspond with what organization it benefits? How did you come to choose these organizations?


We have 5 total designs at the moment. 4/5 of them have a corresponding charity, we are still currently looking for a fifth organization. Each design corresponds with each specific cause, for example “growth” is a sprouting seed. Each time someone purchase a “growth” Kare Kase, a fruit tree is planted to feed a family in Central America. We look for organizations that have a proven history of dedication to their cause and also have very little over head costs to ensure the large majority of the funds go to those in need.





Can you clarify the relation between the Kare glass and cleaning up beaches?


So one of our concepts is that all our products should give back in some way and we try to correlate each product to what it gives. Glass is made from sand, so with the purchase of the Kare glass, tempered glass, we donate to cleaning up trash from beaches. We are currently talking to another non profit that provides eye wear to underprivileged children. This way Kare glass will give the gift of sight. We plan on switching to this new cause in the short future.





How do you see Kare Kase developing in the near future?


The way we define the success of Kare Kase is by the amount of impact we cause in our world. We want Kare Kase to be able to provide for life saving surgeries, clean water systems and hospitals in the third world. We see Kare Kase expanding to more causes and bringing stronger aid to global issues.


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