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Karma Network Launches New Show Focused On Innovation & Impact Lifestyle

Karma Network Launches New Show Focused On Innovation & Impact Lifestyle



The new web series show, At A Glance is a new type of review series that gives the viewer an inside glance at company’s, CEO’s, start-ups and innovations that are making an impact and changing the way consumers invest in lifestyle oriented brands.


At A Glance will air on the newly established Karma Network. Karma is an original programming network for the next generation of investors and innovators. The network will utilize primetime-style programming to bring forth highly-intelligent storytelling that informs, inspires, grips and motivates, and leads to action and impact at scale.


Check out At A Gance here


The host of At A Glance is Lucy Norris, a TV Host and Lifestyle Expert that decided to switch up her career and focus on the brands that are really making an impact in the lifestyle sector. Lucy will be on location for on-site interviews with the experts and owners who are on a mission to do well while doing good giving you smart ways to live the good life.


With this show, and the live, social-first format, I’m excited to build a platform that showcases genuine, authentic and purposeful brands. As consumers, our decisions impact the world around us as we vote with our dollar, therefore we need to make sure we have valuable, trustworthy information provided to us by the brands. – Lucy Norris





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