Katy Ward

Founder | New Story Marketing


Los Angeles, CA



New Story Marketing



I help purpose-driven businesses to clarify their messaging and grow their brand. I believe innovative wellness and sustainable brands have the power to change people’s mindset with their message… and ultimately, transform the culture.

🏆 How to use the hero’s journey to magnetize your ideal clients and increase conversions.
🙌 How to speak to your ideal client, and how to train your team to communicate your message.
🚀 How to build a movement by changing your customer’s mindset with your message & content
🌱 Specialized in sustainability, social-impact, and innovative wellness industry communication for millennial and progressive audiences.

What it looks like:
>> I’m certified to speak on and implement the StoryBrand 7-Part Framework.
>> I create a Brand Message Guide that shows your ideal client’s biography, your brand voice, and the copy you can use as a marketing produciton guide.
>> I write websites that deliver the message clearly and convert sales and followers.
>> I write funnels and consult on community-nurturing.
📔 See www.newstorymarketing.com/services for a full portfolio.

Need a high-personality female speaker for your stage? I’d love to tell your story or help your audience tell theirs. 💯