The Innovative Klima App Helps Individuals Reduce Their Carbon Footprints

klima - climate action app

The mission of Klima is to make climate action simple for everyone. Millions worldwide are hungry for a way to fight climate change, but are not sure how to make a real impact. That’s where Klima comes in.

Your actions matter. From your sweater to your sandwich, there’s a carbon cost for everything you choose. Offsets help you rebalance the system and fund solutions for a better future.

Klima wants the right choice to be as easy as tapping a button. That’s why they built a climate app that’s simple, transparent, and downright joyful to use.

How does the Klima app work?

By funding science-based climate projects that capture or prevent the same emissions elsewhere. Next, learn how to shrink your own footprint sustainably and watch your positive impact grow.

1. Calculate your carbon footprint

It’s easy to measure the climate impact of your lifestyle with our natural language chat tool. Just answer a few quick questions to learn how much CO2e you emit each year.

2. Offset by funding climate projects:

Support world-class climate projects that capture CO2e and neutralize your footprint with an affordable monthly subscription. You can choose between tree-planting, solar power, and social impact projects — or support all three! All projects are independently measured, verified, and monitored by the highest international standards.

3. See your climate impact grow:

Enjoy a carbon neutral life and celebrate your personal milestones. Our real-time tracker shows you the impact of your offsets on the ground. Share your achievements with the world and inspire your friends!

4. Shrink your footprint further:

Offsetting is a smart choice — and we even help you go beyond. Klima helps you reduce your overall footprint sustainably, with personalized tips, ideas, and inspiration from our Climate Checklist. As you shrink your footprint, so does the cost of your monthly offset. It’s a win-win!

Below is an interview with Klima Co-founder Markus Gilles.

Klima offset your carbon footprint

Q: Why did you decide to create Klima?

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our generation. Millions are eager to take action but don’t know how. This makes individual climate action one of the biggest untapped levers yet in the fight against global heating.

We created Klima to give everyone who wants to do their part a powerful tool to do so, and unleash individual climate action at scale.

Q: What is Klima’s mission and vision?

With 72% of global greenhouse gas emissions stemming from individual consumption, we know that change starts with all of us. While we need governments and large corporations to act to decarbonize the systems we live in, individuals have an important role to play as well.

In other words: a crisis of this magnitude needs to be tackled  from all angles: top down and bottom up. Our vision is to turn carbon neutral living into a mass movement to get everyone involved in a tangible and measurable way. 

Q: Why is offsetting our carbon footprint important?

A big part of Klima is focused on aiding individuals to reduce their carbon footprints by learning to live climate smart. But the truth is that in our carbonized societies you can’t get your emissions to zero as long as you eat, heat and get around.

That’s where carbon offsets come in. They allow you to “dispose“ of those emissions you can’t avoid, by financing carbon removal or avoidance elsewhere. You can think of it like paying for the garbage truck. As long as we produce waste, the least we can do is paying for it to be properly disposed of, rather than leaving it in the street. Offsetting does the same for your carbon emissions.

Q: How can we as individuals measure our carbon footprint?

Klima has a very simple carbon calculator build in right at the start. It focuses on those emission factors that have the biggest impact on your footprint, that everyone can answer from the top of their head, and that you can actually do something about.

Within 2 minutes this gives you a really good estimate of your personal footprint and allows you to take action right away. For those that want to dig in deeper, we provide plenty of further customization in the app. 

Q: How can users offset their carbon footprint with Klima?

After calculating your emissions, we provide you with offset options to choose from, based on a portfolio of outstanding climate projects we work with. These include tree planting projects, solar energy projects and the like.

All projects we onboard abide by the highest international standards for quality carbon offsetting and go through a rigorous selection process on our side as well. You can select a monthly subscription that suits you and start living carbon neutral the same day.

Listen do our Causeartist podcast for interviews with other climate action founders and startups here.

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