Kodiak, Zac Efron, and Vital Ground Foundation Team Up for Conservation

Kodiak, Zac Efron, and Vital Ground Foundation Team Up for Conservation

Kodiak, the brand synonymous with fueling epic days and adventurous lives, has unveiled its latest endeavor: the Keep It Wild campaign.

Joining forces with Vital Ground Foundation and enlisting the support of Chief Brand Officer Zac Efron, Keep It Wild embarks on a mission to raise awareness and educate the public about the paramount significance of land conservation and bear preservation.

The goal?

To foster a thriving ecosystem that can be enjoyed by present and future generations of outdoor enthusiasts.

Joining Forces: Kodiak, Zac Efron, and Vital Ground Foundation

In an effort to give life to this impactful campaign, Kodiak has teamed up with Brooke Bartleson—an artist, wildlife advocate, and Alaskan bear guide.

Together, they’ve crafted an array of limited-edition “Keep It Wild” prints, products, and apparel, all exclusively available for purchase online.

The collection also showcases collaborations with additional partner brands, including Slowtide towels, Igloo coolers with koozies, and limited-edition baseball tees.

With each purchase, 100% of the proceeds, combined with a dollar-to-dollar match from Kodiak, will be channeled directly to the Vital Ground Foundation.

This partnership empowers the foundation to further its relentless efforts in the realm of wildlife conservation.

Kodiak’s Vision

Cory Bayers, Kodiak’s Chief Marketing Officer, expressed the campaign’s essence, stating, “Kodiak’s mission of inspiring individuals to immerse themselves in nature and savor its offerings aligns perfectly with the Keep It Wild campaign.

Our aim was to enlighten people about the pivotal role of land conservation and bear preservation in shaping the future of our natural playground.

By uniting forces with notable figures such as Zac Efron and Brooke Bartleson, as well as remarkable brands that share our values, we can actively contribute to organizations like the Vital Ground Foundation that are effecting remarkable change in the environment.”

The Uniting Force – Zac Efron’s Role

Zac Efron at Camp Kodiak Keep It Wild

Zac Efron, who assumed the role of Kodiak’s Chief Brand Officer in 2022, brings an unparalleled passion for the outdoors and a spirit of adventure to the collaboration.

Through a series of engaging videos, Efron and the Kodiak team endeavor to kindle a deeper understanding of the crucial significance of maintaining healthy grizzly bear habitats. They also explore the profound impact these majestic creatures have on nurturing thriving ecosystems.

Efron shared his enthusiasm, reflecting, “My journey with Kodiak over the past year has been nothing short of exhilarating. Kodiak is inspiring people to participate in a change that’s pivotal for our planet’s future.

Collaborating with them and other organizations to raise awareness for these causes has been an honor.”

Paving the Path for Preservation: Vital Ground Foundation

At the core of the Keep It Wild campaign lies the Vital Ground Foundation—a non-profit entity dedicated to the protection and restoration of North America’s grizzly bear population.

The foundation operates by safeguarding wildlife habitats and implementing programs that mitigate conflicts between bears and humans in the northern Rocky Mountains and Inland Northwest.

By forging connections between public land strongholds and protected private lands, Vital Ground emerges as the sole land trust committed to large-landscape conservation for the benefit of grizzly bears, other wildlife, and people alike.

The Keep It Wild Collection

The Keep It Wild collection becomes available for purchase on the Kodiak’s website.

All funds amassed from these purchases will be channeled directly to the Vital Ground Foundation—an embodiment of Kodiak’s commitment to fostering meaningful change.

About Kodiak

Rooted in its mission to “Feed Epic Days and Wilder Lives,” Kodiak stands as a beacon of inspiration for leading a life marked by adventure and vitality.

Nestled among the Wasatch Mountains of Park City, UT, Kodiak strives to transform breakfast into a vibrant experience—equipping those driven by hunger to venture out and amplify the boundaries of each day.

Drawing from forty years of expertise, Kodiak crafts breakfasts devoid of GMOs, preservatives, or artificial additives, delivering great taste and honest ingredients.

The brand’s commitment extends to nourishing the land, lives, and wildlife that sustain us.

About Vital Ground

As a respected accredited land trust and 501(c)(3) organization, Vital Ground dedicates its efforts to conserving habitats for grizzly bears and other wildlife within the Northern Rockies.

Since its inception in 1990, this Montana-based organization has also collaborated with communities to prevent conflicts between bears and humans. For comprehensive insights into Vital Ground, visit www.vitalground.org or connect via email: info@vitalground.org.

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