Lokal Travel Presents The Ultimate Sustainable Travel And Adventure Trip


Still on the search for epic holiday gifts for travel loving friends and family? Well, you’re in luck because Lokal is hosting the Ultimate Sustainable Travel Sale!

Lokal Travel is an online booking platform connecting travelers with local and sustainable experiences around the world. Working with hand selected family-run businesses, community cooperatives and social enterprises doing good, each Lokal Travel adventure directly impacts the local community while providing travelers with a unique adventure.

From expeditions to stunning Amazon ecolodges to stays in family-run guesthouses in the Himalayas, Lokal makes it easy to book hundreds of incredible trips that support local communities, protect nature and preserve cultural traditions. For this month, Lokal is offering discounted gift cards and deals on unique bucket list adventures, so you can give (or receive) the gift of unforgettable travel.

Lokal Travel Presents The Ultimate Sustainable Travel And Adventure Trip

The sustainable travel company already offer experiences in 18 countries and – with your help – they will be adding a lot more. When you buy gift cards and trips on their campaign, you’re supporting efforts to find more unique, sustainable adventures around the world and make Lokal a better resource for sustainable travelers.

There are thousands of travel businesses around the world that claim to ‘support local communities’ or be ‘eco-friendly’, but not all of them can back it up. Lokal works with local leaders and a global network of travelers that can connect you to family-run businesses, community cooperatives, and social enterprises doing real good.

Travel is the world’s largest industry and it has a massive impact on the planet – over 1 billion international trips every year. Unfortunately local communities are often left out of the booming tourism economy and small, homegrown businesses struggle to compete with big name brands.

According to the UN, as little as 5% of international travel spending actually reaches local communities – just 5 cents of every dollar. It doesn’t have to be this way. We believe there should be much more transparency in travel about where your dollar ends up.​At Lokal, over 80% of what you spend goes directly to independent, locally-run travel businesses who create amazing experiences and real benefits for communities.

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