Introducing LOVE GOODLY, a new Vegan Subscription Box

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Meet social eco-preneurs Kate Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, the dynamic duo bringing you LOVE GOODLY, a new vegan subscription box filled, nontoxic, and cruelty free lifestyle products. Their high standards for product transparency, updating their banned ingredient list consistently, while giving back to their charitable partners, FARM SANCTUARY, CURE CERVICAL CANCER & Beagle Freedom Project, LOVE GOODLY is the new go-to for discovering eco brands in North America while giving back.


After receiving the June/July box, I was in awe with every curated item. Not to give it all away, but non-toxic, cruelty-free nail polish was something on my wishlist, but could never find. Thanks to LOVE GOODLY, I’m currently styling a sweet summer peach and not feeling guilty about its toxic and unethical attributes.



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The LOVE GOODLY platform allows you to shop for single items on their e-commerce site, gift or receive a one-off box, or subscribe for their bi-monthly boxes.


For $29.95USD, you’re receiving over $85USD+ of incredible, eco products with free shipping throughout the US.


See below a Q & A with LOVE GOODLY co-founders, Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff.


It sounds like you two are quite the dream team – tell us a little about how you met and the inspiration behind LOVE GOODLY!


Katie and I met at our last company LovingEco – a flash sales model for eco fashion and beauty (where Justine was co-founder/CEO and Katie head of merchandising and founding team member). An advisor was at a conference in Davos and met Katie’s brother, who thought she would be a great fit at the company. The rest is history – LovingEco was acquired 12 months after launching and we both went to work for the acquiring company. Katie and I have a passion for a cruelty free, healthy lifestyle, and realized that with a vegan subscription boxes we could quickly introduce more people to conscious brands that are focused on doing good. After confirming our idea by talking with women customers, LOVE GOODLY was born!

Give us a descriptive sneak peek of what the process looks like when curating a LOVE GOODLY vegan subscription box and sourcing the brands for it.

This is the fun part!  As we grow, the way we source brands evolves as well.  We are always on the lookout for like-minded brands both emerging and established.  We get contacted daily by brands wanting to be included in our box. We vet every brand very thoroughly. We research each ingredient on EWG Skin Deep and we use everything before giving it our seal of approval.  Also, from being in the business for so many years we have hundreds and hundreds of brands that we know and love that uphold our same values.  The top of my desk is always full of new products and brands. Justine and I will go through them every few weeks to brainstorm various curations and product mixes for upcoming boxes.


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What types of nontoxic, vegan and cruelty-free products can consumers expect to find in each box?

What separates us from the typical beauty subscription box is that we are a lifestyle box that features not only skincare and beauty but eco-friendly accessories, wellness and home.Our deluxe box includes 4-5 full sized products with a value of over $75 all for $29.95. In one box you may find a nontoxic mascara, vegan yet highly effective facial serum, an air plant, a fair trade scarf and a yummy wholesome snack.


Everything is always nontoxic, cruelty free and vegan, and gives back to an aligned charity partner.

Why do you think subscription boxes have become so popular?

There are several reasons subscription boxes have become popular. One has been tied to the explosive growth of the Internet and social media that allows people to connect, quickly learn about new information, and follow their interests- from making vegan raw food to nontoxic beauty and many more.

Subscription boxes are a reflection of this trend. The boxes can provide amazing value, easily allows you to discover new brands, and the excitement of the unboxing surprise are all part of their popularity. And this is just the beginning as we see this going mainstream, and continuing to grow.


Introducing LOVE GOODLY, a new Vegan Subscription Box

Tell us a little more about the single purchase items available on

We have a full commerce shop so customers can find their favorite brands after they’ve discovered them in our box. From the organic, fruit-pigmented 100% Pure mascara, to Blissoma’s plant-based deodorant, the amazing brands we carry reflect our values so are always cruelty free, nontoxic, and no animal by products (vegan). And a portion of each purchase supports a cause partner including Farm Sanctuary.  


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