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Meet Inigo Scout, Luxury Blanket Art Bringing Warmth To Children In Need

Meet Inigo Scout, Luxury Blanket Art Bringing Warmth To Children In Need

Inigo Scout believes that all children have the right to freedom and the opportunity to make the most of their lives, from day one. Inigo is committed to helping turn this right into a reality. They are helping by simply bringing warmth to children who need it through a positive social enterprise that embraces creativity, craftsmanship and entrepreneurship.

Inigo Scout works with some amazing and exciting contemporary artists, while working with the finest wool mill in Scotland to produce some of the most beautiful blankets the market has to offer. This beauty is defined by much more than the exclusivity and quality of the product. The beauty lies in the good that is done with every purchase. This is art with purpose. Luxury with soul.

Every Inigo Scout blanket purchase pays for a craftsperson to knit at least ten blankets for children in need of warmth in their local community. This is not about quick-fix help. We help provide training, income and independence for a new breed of craftsperson who in turn help children in their community.

Below is a quick Q&A with founder Josh Robinson

What was the inspiration behind Inigo Scout and where did the name come from?

Like many people I had long been looking for a big idea that could ‘change the world’!  The inspiration came when our twin children, Inigo and Scout, were born.  They were very premature and spent quite some time in intensive care.  In the corner of their super-high-tech intensive care unit was a box of locally knitted baby blankets.  The nurses and kids’ parents used these day in and day out.

These little squares of soft, vibrant colors became both physically and emotionally important to the kids and their families. It was understood that parents could take ‘their blanket’ with them when their children were ready to go home!  Fortunately, Inigo and Scout grew bigger and stronger and are now in fine form.  We wanted to do something to help children who do not have the level of care we enjoyed. We began thinking about blankets and how these could be used to help.



Blankets are a really different and unique approach to the social enterprise model. Why blankets?

There is something incredibly simple and vital about a blanket. For so many children, even warmth at night is far from a birth right.  So, first and foremost, blankets are genuinely needed by those less fortunate than ourselves.  From a business point of view, we saw an opportunity to create something completely unique in the blanket space – the world’s most beautiful blankets.  Meanwhile, for this social enterprise to really work, we needed something that people would want to buy…and everybody loves a big, strong, soft and colourful blanket!  Our vision is that every fortunate family home has an Inigo Scout blanket in it!

Where and Who designs these vibrant blankets?

Blankets are a ‘canvas’, a place where artists can express themselves and create something truly special. The power of art is central to the brand, not just because it brings colour, but because it embodies freedom, confidence and collaboration.  We love the idea of ‘art with purpose’.  We invite artists from anywhere in the world to create a piece for Inigo Scout and we weave this in the finest wool on the looms of the world’s most coveted mill in Scotland.  Our launch collection features two English and one Vietnamese artist all of whom hand-sign each limited edition blanket. The blankets are designed to be hung on the wall or thrown on a bed or sofa.



Tell us about the Give One. Give Ten. model that Inigo Scout has in place?

The likes of TOMS and Warby Parker have been a huge inspiration.  The idea that when you buy, someone else benefits too is strikingly simple and effective.  Inigo Scout brings this model to the luxury world.  We set out to have a huge impact with every single purchase.  So, when you buy and Inigo Scout blanket ten children in need of warmth are given blankets of their own.  These ten blankets are made by people in the children’s own community. We teach people to knit and we give them an income to do so.  This is the ‘right’ way to give as opposed to us making and shipping in the ten donated blankets ourselves.  The local benefit is huge.

What organizations are you working with to provide blankets to children in need?

Our inaugural project is live now in the Cape Flats, a gangland shanty town on the outskirts of Cape Town, South Africa.  We work with Knit For Peace, a registered charity run by Dame Hilary Blume and the Charities Advisory Trust.  Inigo Scout funds this particular project and will establish more around the world as the business grows.

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