How DoneGood is Making Sustainable Shopping Affordable

Making Sustainable Shopping Affordable

Making sustainable shopping more affordable and more accessible to more people is a core part of DoneGood’s mission.

The company does this in a number of ways:

1. All sales in one place: DoneGood automatically posts and curates every sale item from partner brands on their Sales Page–so people can easily shop all the best deals in the sustainable world all in one place.

2. Discount codes: They work with partners to get DoneGood users exclusive first-time customer discount codes—those can be found on product pages all over the DoneGood website.

3. Rewards program: For every $100 spent on DoneGood you get a $10 gift card as a thank you for helping to grow the movement, and to provide an incentive for them to support sustainable brands more often.

4. Major sales events: They invite partners to participate in major sales events where they markdown items substantially for a few days. 

How DoneGood is Making Sustainable Shopping Affordable


DoneGood’s partner brands set their own prices. The industry does costs more and can be unaffordable, at times, too many conscious consumers.

But in their defense, sustainable shopping costs more, because it costs more to make items while paying people living wages and using eco-friendly practices.

Still, DoneGood works with them to get the DoneGood community special discounts.

Higher Quality

Sustainable shopping entails buying higher quality, and products that last longer.

The cheaper thing isn’t really less expensive all the time—more sustainable, and less expensive in long run.

Purchasing a $60 item you’ll keep 5 – 10 years instead of a $20 item that breaks down quickly, so you buy a new one every year (fast fashion loves to sell cheap things that go out of style and breakdown quickly to keep us buying more…they tell us we get a great deal but they get us spending more over the long run).

Higher Wages

It’s an irony of capitalism that people who work for a living have trouble affording things made by people paid a living wage.

The more we support brands that pay good wages, the more people have good wages, the more people have good wages, the more people can afford to shop with brands that pay good wages.

It creates a cycle of support around the world.


To combat big problems like poverty and climate change, we have to change business behavior. Those of us who care about these issues have to be willing to support the movement of brands leading the way—it’s critical they succeed.

We all give $ to charity and expect nothing in return other than positive impact.

Spending a little more money on something that does good makes same positive impact on the world, and you get something useful in the process. 

All that said, we still recognize that people are on budgets and can only do so much. That’s why working to help make sustainable shopping more affordable and accessible to more people is a big part of the DoneGood mission.

If we want to take conscious consumerism mainstream and get more people involved in the movement, helping make more affordable is key.


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