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Marketplace of the Future Invites You To The World’s Fair of Sustainability

Marketplace of the Future Invites You To The World’s Fair of Sustainability

A world's fair of sustainability

NEW YORK, Sept. 2020 – What does a time beyond the challenges of Climate Change is like? According to futurist Amer Jandali, it’s one where circular economies, renewable energy, and sustainable systems are the norm. Jandali, founder of Future Meets Present, has brought this vision to life through the Marketplace of the Future, the closing event of NYC Climate Week. Now in its fourth year, the event showcases businesses that have responded to the challenges presented by climate change and encourages reflection, learning, and activation from participants.

The Marketplace takes inspiration from the 1939 World’s Fair, which showcased technology and innovations that were once considered inconceivable but are the norm today. Taking science from Project Drawdown, “The World’s Most Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming,” the Marketplace of the Future is an experiential immersion into renewable energy, zero-waste companies, electric transportation, etc. Attendees will see that a planet-conscious future is expressing itself right before their eyes.

DATE: Friday September 25th 2020

TIME: 12 PM – 9 PM, donation based, tickets available here.

Marketplace of the Future Invites You To The World's Fair of Sustainability

Attendees will be able to explore a virtual map with a small 8-bit avatar, interact with each other, meet brands, attend workshops and talks, find hidden Easter eggs, and discover the known, and some not-so-known solutions to climate change. The online world moves offline, with trees and coral planted by participants on the map matched in real life by Coral Vita Reefs and

“The pandemic made us all pause for a beat and focus on our vitals. ‘Flattening the curve’ gave us a way to understand our impacts on an overloaded healthcare system. Solving climate change might not have been possible without this mindset,” said Jandali. “We’re more receptive to the climate solutions we need, and consumers are demanding better products and services, and companies, both large and small, are responding.”

Speakers include:

Tom Szaky – Founder of Terracycle and LOOP

Tia Nelson – Activist and daughter of Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day.

Sam Teicher, Co-Founder of Coral Vita.

About Future Meets Present (FMP)

Led by Amer Jandali, a DJ turned marketing exec, graduate of NYC’s School of Visual Arts, Future Meets Present is believes the future is expressing itself right now in the present: Emission-free processes, rooftop gardens, electric cars, and zero-waste will be the norm. In short, human systems will behave like natural systems. Contributing to this movement, FMP designs zero-waste products and systems in line with this mentality. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Camille DeMere, ‪(347) 746-0850‬

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