Meet the Club Trillion Foundation and its Mission to Support Walk-On Student Athletes


The Club Trillion Foundation is a new nonprofit created by best selling author and former walk-on basketball player at Ohio St, Mark Titus. The mission of the foundation is to provide scholarship resources and other opportunities for walk-on athletes.

The idea is simple: Give a scholarship to a student-athlete who doesn’t already have one. It’s something that happens every single semester on campuses all over America. But never has there been a national scholarship open to all walk-ons across an entire sport.

The Problem Club Trillion Foundation is trying to solve.

Glossed over in the debate whether college athletes should be paid is the case of the walk-on student-athlete, who is neither compensated with a scholarship nor allowed under the ridiculous NCAA rules to profit off their OWN name. And since being a college athlete requires a significant year-round time commitment, working an off-season job is often out of the question, leaving these walk-ons no choice but to take out substantial loans to pay for their education.

Meet the Club Trillion Foundation and its Mission to Support Walk-On Student Athletes
Mark Titus – Creator of The Club Trillion Foundation

Three main ideas of how The Club Trillion Foundation plans to reward walk-ons and non-scholarship athletes.

First: The organization wants to create scholarship awards that help relieve the financial stress and student loan debt most walk-ons graduate with. This will start with a scholarship that is given to an NCAA Division I men’s basketball player at the 2020 Final Four, and will quickly expand to include all collegiate sports across all divisions.

Second: The organization wants to celebrate the unheralded athletic achievements of the walk-on community by creating a National Player of the Year Award, to be given to the walk-on who earns the most “trillions” during the college basketball season.

Third: The organization wants to create networking, internship, and job opportunities for walk-ons who are graduating. Because of the rigid and inflexible schedule demands of high-level college athletics, walk-ons often leave school with less work experience and less job prospects than their peers, despite similar or sometimes even better grades. They want to tap into a nationwide network of walk-ons who have been there before to help these athletes hit the ground running.

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