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Meet One Of The Biggest Activists In The Ethical Fashion Revolution

Meet One Of The Biggest Activists In The Ethical Fashion Revolution


All photo credits: Megan Sette

Sica Schmitz is making a true fashion statement, and not simply with what she’s wearing, but literally by using her voice and her creativity to speak up about how fashion can save the world, one conscious apparel item, or accessory, at a time.

Schmitz is the woman behind the conscious brand Bead & Reel and the creator of the Fair Trade Fashion Show Fundraiser. 100% of sales from her Fashion Activist t-shirt go into the fundraiser and the event aims to stop human trafficking within the supply chain, support conscious fashion projects, and educate the masses on fair trade.

The Fair Trade Fashion Show

The 4th Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show took place Sunday, November 11, 2018 in the Los Angeles arts district, commencing with a full-day marketplace and ending with a catwalk.

Her 2017 show raised 31K, featured 27 Fair Trade Designers, and was attended by folks from 12 countries, and 92+ women-run businesses. And this year was no different. The 2018 event, highlighted 25+ brands including notable conscious fashion and accessory companies, like Dressember, Lucy & Jo, Maven Women, The Tote Project, and several others, and the fashion show was a packed house attended by 150 designers, and ethical fashion-istas.

Meet One Of The Biggest Activists In The Ethical Fashion Revolution

The runway was emceed by Patrick Duffy of the Global Fashion Exchange, who filled the crowd in on the meaning of fashion activism;  a practice of using fashion as a means of social change.

The concept of fashion activism, and Schmitz herself, have garnered quite a notable following over the past 4 years. One advocate in particular, Violet Affleck, (daughter of actress, Jennifer Garner and actor, Ben Affleck), made her speaking debut at this year’s Fair Trade Fashion Show, sharing her journey as co-president of We the Children, a student advocacy group working against child labor in the fashion industry. Young Affleck shared wishes for the industry and stories from her recent lobbying trip to DC, alongside her best friend Lauryn Varnell, who became passionate about issues around fashion after watching the film True Cost.

(Pictured above, Sica Schmitz, Lauryn Varnell, Violet Affleck, and actress, Jennifer Garner.)

Schmitz explains her goal for the Fashion Show is to be “a beacon of light, [and] to awaken within each of us our own light in a world so often filled with darkness, challenges, and pain.”

She urges that this holiday season is the right time to #VoteWithYourWallet, by supporting those artisans and designer who are ethically producing and manufacturing.

Sica Schmitz – Creator of Fair Trade Fashion Show

“We are all connected to fashion, which means we all have the power to fix it” proclaims Schmitz, and she’s on a mission to do just that!

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