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Meet Rocketbook, The High Tech Notebook Helping Teachers Pay For School Supplies

Meet Rocketbook, The High Tech Notebook Helping Teachers Pay For School Supplies


Meet the notebook of the future: Rocketbook! This incredible notebook connects to your favorite Cloud services, including Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox and more, through the use of your smartphone. Simply take a picture of your notebook entries, including drawings, and upload them for future needs.

How it Works?

  1. Put pen to paper Take notes. Write a poem. Solve an equation. Draw a masterpiece. It’s your notebook.
  2. Choose a destination Connect your symbols to Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, or Email. Tap Destinations, Change Destination, and sign in with your account. Mark the symbol on the Rocketbook pages you’d like to send.
  3. Scan your pages Open the Rocketbook App on your mobile device. Scan the pages you’d like to capture and send.
  4. Blast your notes to the cloud Your pages have reached their destination. Share, print, archive.

Being the perfect gift for just about everyone on your list, from teachers to professionals to artists and students, Rocketbook is reducing the need for new notebooks while giving back throughout the month of December to Adopt a Classroom.

Adopt a Classroom is a non-profit organization aiding teachers and educators with financing the needs of their students. Did you know that kindergarten to grade 12 teachers spend around $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies? By purchasing a Rocketbook this holiday season, you can help multiple classrooms in need. With every notebook purchased this month, Rocketbook will donate $1 to their powerful mission.

Grab yours today by clicking here!


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