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Meet The Socially Conscious Holding Company That’s Creating The Berkshire Hathaway Of Impact Investing

Meet The Socially Conscious Holding Company That’s Creating The Berkshire Hathaway Of Impact Investing


Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse

Meet Orthogonal Thinker, the Berkshire Hathaway of socially conscious capitalism. They are a holding company which invests in and partners with a range of companies that operate in future-forward industries.

Orthogonal Thinker spun-off from an angel seed investment fund and is comprised of a team of serial entrepreneurs, investors, and lawyers who are modeling their business off of the multinational conglomerate holding company Berkshire Hathaway.

However, instead of partnering with brands like Coca-Cola, Dairy Queen and the likes of Big Pharma, they care about brands, products and technology that make people feel good, empowered, and healthy. Their mission is to create good in the world through businesses that will manifest a positive impact for people and the planet.

The intention of the company is to bring a new type of investment model to the world where profits are paramount but also serve the greater good and the best interest of society.


Defining Socially Conscious Investing

Socially conscious investing can be described in a lot of different ways. For Orthogonal Thinker, it’s partnering with businesses whose values align with their intentions, mission and vision. These companies typically have a combination of:


  • An intention to do good and create positive change in the world

  • Awareness of the impact their products and actions have on people, their organization and their environment

  • Founders who are of service to its customers and the community. They inspire with inner strength, clarity and direction

  • Products that help people with their health, promotes conscious capitalism, expresses positive values and maintains sustainability

  • They create a positive impact on the communities they serve

  • They find ways to benefit both human beings and the environment

  • Operates with established corporate social responsibility initiatives

  • Demonstrates transparency, integrity and dignity in all aspects of their business

What’s a Holding Company?

As a holding company, Orthogonal Thinker, is an active partner in the businesses they invest in rather than a pass through investment fund. They aim for controlled equity stake in companies (up to 50%) and provide their holdings with operational resources, a management ecosystem, and mentorship.

The industries they focus on range from successful early-stage businesses in cannabis, hemp, tech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, healthy foods and wellness brands. The company has worked with dozens of companies that not only provide a positive impact on society, including Airbnb, Betterment, Vidyard, RideCell, Meadow, and Confident Cannabis, but also demonstrate a finely tuned instinct for successful initiatives.

“Orthogonal Thinker is all about operating with full transparency, integrity, and ethics,” stated David Nikzad, Co-founder of Orthogonal, Inc. and notable investor to Y Combinator companies. “My partner, Jason Hobson and I have more than 15 years of experience in investing, with over 120 investments made to date.

We have brought together a team of executors that understand that Orthogonal is about a long-term vision of doing something bigger than just ourselves.”

Through the campaign, Orthogonal Thinker is giving early investors the opportunity to be part of a disruptive innovator in the world of financial investing and eco-consciousness. In allowing ALL people to invest in the campaign, the voice of a broader populous is welcome to not only participate, but also benefit by this new and improved theory of investing.

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