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Meet The Woman Changing The Wedding Industry With Fair Trade Dresses

Meet The Woman Changing The Wedding Industry With Fair Trade Dresses

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As your social calendar may have already noted, spring wedding season is officially underway. Just like anything else, each new season brings with it, the latest trends and modern styles. In recent years, we’re seeing more and more brides looking to incorporate socially conscious and eco-friendly elements into the big day.


As amazing as this is, brides will always want to feel extra special and exceptionally chic on their wedding day, which means sacrificing style is just not an option. So what are the options for those looking to incorporate giving back into their big day?


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The dress

Most brides will agree, the most important element on their wedding day is the dress – it has to be perfect! One woman is making it easy for brides to purchase with purpose without sacrificing style. Lindee Daniel is a Los Angeles based wedding gown designer who specializes in creating beautiful, eco-friendly and socially conscious designer gowns.


Each of Lindee’s designs uses carefully sourced, sustainable, fair-trade fabrics. All of which are certified organic – all the way down to the vegan dyes she uses to introduce pops of color. It’s Lindee’s signature style of modern, textured layers that gives each piece a luxurious look and feel.


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When asked about how she sources the ethical fabrics used for her wedding gown designs, Lindee says, “I was fortunate enough early on to partner with a main textiles supplier who is dedicated to the spiritual, and ethical practices of healthy fabrics. Organic cotton is a bit more readily available now, but transparency has always been key for me. I want to know the behind the scenes and truly understand how my fabrics are sourced.”


Of course, every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her wedding day. So what are brides asking for these days? With the dress being a main focal point of any wedding, “it’s very personal, and often times emotional. For most brides, this is the biggest day of their life up until this point, so it’s important that she look and feel her very best. It brings me endless joy to be able to offer brides from all over the world the truly ethical, eco-friendly wedding gown they’ve been looking for. The fact that they can walk down the aisle confidently, while knowing that they’ve chosen an ethical piece is just awesome.”


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A true social entrepreneur at heart, Lindee knew she wanted her work to have a bigger impact. After a trip to Uganda a few years ago, she was moved to partner with Noah’s Arc Orphanage in an effort to support the children there. With each wedding gown purchase, a portion of proceeds is used to send a child to school. This mission is what she feels makes her work truly fulfilling.


“At this point for me, those kids have captured my heart, and they need help. If not us, then who? Every child deserves the opportunity for an education. The children of the Noah’s Arc Orphanage have had plenty of disadvantages in their life, plenty of factors working against them. Growing up here in the states, I’ve been blessed, and I believe if your cup runneth over, then you can begin pouring into another’s.”



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