Meet VIRTŪ, A New Ethical & Sustainable Men’s Fashion Brand Creating Top Notch Threads


Fast fashion’s dark side isn’t discussed too often. We’re usually focused on the happy, beautiful side of looking and feeling great at cheap prices. After all, what we can’t see can’t hurt us, right? Cheap clothes are tangible, unethical and cruel working conditions for society’s more vulnerable are a little harder to visualize. The epic pollution and overflowing landfills aren’t hanging in your closet.

Slowly by surely consumers are becoming aware of the dangers of fast fashion. Cruel working conditions forced upon desperate workers and extreme damage to our environment to create cheap, disposable clothing somehow don’t make a $7 sweater seem all that great anymore. Sure, the clothes are “affordable”, but the true cost is giving consumers pause. Lorenz, 26, is one of these consumers telling us,


“Stopping unfair wages and employing people fairly around the globe is a life goal that should be admired and followed, not only by social-activists and workers, but also by everyone with the power to change something.”


VIRTŪ agrees. In 2015 social entrepreneurs Jason Grullón and Guillaume Vaslin knew they could combine their talents to create the change they wanted to see. VIRTŪ started in Berlin in 2015 as a response to this inane and unsustainable circle – because small changes add up and when combined can disrupt an entire industry. Thankfully over 700 people from Kickstarter agree, signing up to back our first product – a crisp, timeless men’s 100% natural cotton dress shirt produced under ethical conditions in the Dominican Republic, with 50% of profits going straight back to the community for long-term development/training projects. With approximately €60,000 raised from our first campaign, we’re now moving onto our second Kickstarter campaign. This time with an eco-friendly baby alpaca pullover in classic navy, made with an ethical and values driven family business in Bolivia.



VIRTŪ is committed to sustainable fashion in all aspects of the word. We pay our workers a fair wage and we refrain from using harmful chemicals and processes in order to protect the environment, our workers and our customers. Plus they are a darn good looking products! When consumers start supporting companies that support their workers and the environment we’re sending a message about our values and what we want to see in the future of fashion.



Became a part of The VIRTŪ Movement and stay tuned


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