Meteor Tutors has Created a Safe and Innovative Solution for Music and Language Online Tutoring

Meteor Tutors has Created a Safe and Innovation Solution for Sophisticated Online Tutorin

Anita Grace MacDonald is a pianist, former opera singer and secondary headteacher turned entrepreneur dedicated to creating safe high tech environments online.

With Meteor Tutors, she developed a safe and state-of-the-art solution for sophisticated online tutoring.

The thought leader in online safety developed and launched Meteor Tutors as a global online and secure video educational platform, matching qualified and vetted tutors with clients on a secure 2 factor ID site, with facial and fingerprint technology for app lessons.

The educational safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults is further provided through police background and IP checks of the tutors.

After registration, tutors for traditional subjects such as music and language education are then connected with a ‘’ education algorithm for students worldwide via the mobile or web app.

Science and the arts are taught for exam preparations, auditions, school entrance scholarships or simply having fun by industry-trained and qualified tutors and top global exam boards.

“Our student-tutor matching requires a one-time only registration process to filter personal needs and wishes.

We are aware that education needs a certain amount of commitment, and this starts with the student providing this information. From there, the educational journey is seamless,” MacDonald explains.

Thousands of hours of real-time testing have gone into the state-of-the-art tutoring engine, which is backed up by daily updates.

To understand how start-ups turn out to be uncompromising in their field, a look into the founder’s journey is of high value.

MacDonald is a Scottish music prodigy who grew up with little money but a grandmother who nurtured her musical talent, leading her to become one of the few working class students to be accepted to a Royal Conservatoire.

This was followed by numerous performances and awards as a pianist, and a professional career as an opera singer, with career highlights such as singing in the Albert hall for the Queen Mother’s birthday.

When she had kids, MacDonald started her career in education and was promoted rapidly, from Head of Music to Head of Year, Head of 6th Form, Assistant Headteacher, and finally passing her Senior School Headteacher qualification in 2004 where she would also function as Head of Safeguarding.

She later opened her own school for musical prodigies, and after a few years of face to face, began to move into online tuition, via other video platforms.

MacDonald quickly realized that the unregulated random nature of online video conferencing needed to be more formal to adhere to safeguarding guidelines, and started to create Meteor Software which was globally rolled-out in 2019.

MacDonald about her tech entrepreneurship:

“It was like the natural next step. I was always into technology, and so are my kids with my daughter studying computer science, and my son being Head of IT.

My path to entrepreneurship feeds from my extensive experience in education and in life, leading to a no-compromise approach to education in virtual spaces.”

Meteor Tutors is a live and pre-recorded video platform, affording tutors the ability to teach live and video for additional passive income.

Meteor online software uses industry standard video conferencing solutions and automated engagement and payment services for ease of utilization.

Users book events, tuition, workshops and meetings with global payment options that are fully integrated and automated.

Notifications are set automatically so that both parties – student and tutor – are alerted of upcoming lessons to avoid missing classes.

In-class functionalities include multiple camera usage, screen share, whiteboards, and in-chat, amongst many others. Lessons and chats can be recorded and provided to parents.

The Meteor tutors app is available on the Appstore and Google Play free to all users.

The EdTech solution with superior video conferencing quality in 4K video and Hi-Fi audio quality, added by highest security and privacy standards is now also available for employee training and seminars with Meteor Fireball.

Corporates profit from a solution with a minimum timeout facility equivalent to the software of financial institutions. Employee safety is promoted through virtual spaces that block common threads like online bombings.

If you are looking for a high-end solution for online tutoring, go to or download the app Meteor Tutors.

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