Meet the MOSS Carbon Credit Marketplace and the World’s First Green Digital Asset

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In episode 22 of the Investing in Impact podcast, I speak with Luis Felipe Adaime, Founder and CEO of the MOSS carbon credit marketplace and the world’s first green digital asset, a carbon credit-backed token.

The Moss carbon credit marketplace is one of the largest environmental and carbon credit marketplace platform in the world.

With global operations and headquartered in Brazil, it started operating in early 2020, when it launched the first carbon credit-backed token, MCO2, used to offset carbon footprints.

MCO2 is audited by international institutions and registered with Verra, a foundation that regulates the global registration of voluntary credits, following a strict global protocol.

Luis worked from 2012 to 2019 as the portfolio manager and partner for Latam equities long only funds at Newfoundland Capital Management. While at Newfoundland, Luis created the largest Latam ex-Brazil fund in the region for US and Canada endowments and pension funds, and the largest local equities fund in Argentina.

Meet MOSS, the Carbon Credit Marketplace and the World’s First Green Digital Asset

Previously, he was a Managing Director of York Capital Management, working as a Portfolio Manager for the firm’s investments in Latin America. Prior to York, Luis was a Partner at BRZ, a Brazilian hedge fund, working as a commodities Analyst and Portfolio Manager for both their value and long/short funds.

Luis began his career working as a Latin American financial institutions Research Associate at Credit Suisse and later moved to the bank’s proprietary desk in São Paulo.

Luis holds a B.Sc. in Management Science and Engineering with minor in Economics from Stanford University and graduated cum laude from Phillips Academy, Andover. He is a native of Brazil and is fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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