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Navigating Social Entrepreneurship Without Killing Your Soul

Navigating Social Entrepreneurship Without Killing Your Soul

Hara World India

Welcome back to season two of the Impact India podcast! I wanted to kick us off by setting intentions and the tone for this season. Here we are in a new decade. It’s time to get vulnerable and share the challenges social entrepreneurs are facing not just in India but around the world.

As director of Hara World, experiential education and impact travel organization that empowers and connects young people through environmental justice programs, I’m ready to get us started.

‘New to the podcast? My name is Jazzmine and I’m your host! I am deeply passionate about empowering youth, zero waste living, conscious fashion, and responsible travel. I am currently the Director of Hara World, one of 4 co-founders of the Sustainable Travel Network, and the host of this epic podcast Impact India.

My purpose is to use my professional skills and background in youth program development, nonprofit management, and social impact to lead young people to become confident and knowledgeable leaders for sustainable development.

Navigating Social Entrepreneurship Without Killing Your Soul

“We are so challenged by an ever evolving world, and a need to make an impact individually as well as through our profession, that we often can get lost in the vision and feel helpless in the execution.”

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