The New Africa: Provide Sustainable Solutions by Transforming the Youth Unemployment Crisis Through Technology

era92The Future of Work in Africa

The mission of The New Africa is to provide sustainable solutions to the problems facing Africa today by transforming the youth unemployment crisis.

Africa is the youngest and fastest-growing continent in the world. By 2035, the number of young people reaching working age in Africa will exceed that of the rest of the world combined – and will continue every year for the rest of the century.

By 2050, one in every four humans will be an African, and 40% of the world’s population will be African. 

By 2030, there will be 375 million young people in the job market in Africa. Within a few decades, this demographic boom will push Africa’s workforce to more than a billion people, the largest in the world. There is a significant gap between the number of young people seeking work and the limited employment opportunities available to them.

This means that they will face challenges finding formal employment and a pathway out of poverty. Moreover, for some time we’ve observed a mismatch between the skills of young people entering the workforce and the needs of employers.

The New Africa asks you to join us in preparing Africa for this great revolution. We are doing this by upskilling the youth and creating new businesses that create both economic and social returns.

Young Africans are eager to create businesses to empower themselves, their families, communities, and the continent at large, and we are here to support them to achieve their goals.

As an entrepreneur, I am passionate about sustainable wages for up-and-coming African creatives. Talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. I am an opportunity creator, committed to releasing the brilliance of unemployed young people across Africa and I believe the best ideas come from win-win collaborations.

The New Africa

Since we began in February 2019 we have been building both local and global partnerships. I want to thank everyone who has believed in us supported us directly and indirectly.

We have come a long way and we are determined to impact more individuals, communities, and generations. We want to rewrite the story of Africa. The true story of you, me, and all the greatness we can achieve. So we must position ourselves for the future.

The New Africa strategy, ‘Unlocking Africa’s Youthful Potential’ has been developed by era92 elevate and 92hands Foundation, The strategy outlines how, over the next decade, we will focus on finding solutions to the youth employment challenge and reducing poverty in Africa.

When young people can secure formal work and a steady wage their lives improve. Employment, particularly formal employment, is a leading pathway out of poverty for families. Using youth employment as a measure of our progress, we will work to help millions of young people find a pathway out of poverty. Our work will ensure 2 million young people in Africa, particularly young women, secure dignified, and fulfilling work.

The Future of Work

Technology is rapidly changing the future of work around the globe. Africa is in the early stages of a technological revolution characterized by the widespread use of mobile technology. This is changing the nature of work on the continent and is creating more opportunities for workers to be connected to the economy and to each other.

The digital technology sector, especially, will continue to be a source of new employment opportunities. Education systems must equip students with advanced ICT skills that will enable young Africans to not only leverage new technology but create the technology of the future. Additionally, technology is driving the modernization of the agricultural sector. Until at least 2050, more than half of youth in Africa will live in rural areas where agriculture plays a central role in economies.

Nothing for the Youth without the Youth

The insight of young people has shaped this strategy. Their voices and ambitions guide us and will continue to play a central role as we move forward.

Young people want to drive the change.  They want to be more than just beneficiaries of programs; this generation wants to be job creators. They believe their input is critical in the development of programs, policies, and decisions that affect youth employment.

Quoting Bill Gates, ‘’Positive change across Africa won’t happen by chance. The real returns will come only if Africans can unleash this talent for innovation in all the continent’s growing population. That depends on whether all its young people are given the opportunity to thrive.

An Optimistic Future

The young people of Africa will determine their future. They are leading the way. With the right planning and policies, they will transform a vibrant continent into a powerhouse for global prosperity. Let’s accompany them on their journey and support their aspirations for their communities and countries.

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