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SacreServ App Delivers a Powerful Social Impact Network for Nonprofits

SacreServ App Delivers a Powerful Social Impact Network for Nonprofits

The SacreServ app

The SacreServ app allows nonprofits to raise money through an engaging mobile platform while rewarding donors and supporting local businesses.

Virginia, November 20, 2020 – Nonprofit organizations of any size and budget are quite familiar with the struggles involved in building, growing, and engaging their communities. With the global pandemic, record unemployment, social distancing, and cancellations of in-person events, these struggles are getting even harder.

Thankfully, now these nonprofits have the SacreServ app, aptly dubbed The Social Impact Network. The free to download app available on iOS and Android allows registered nonprofits to run fundraising and volunteering campaigns. The app also offers a unique feature for the nonprofits to partner with local businesses and reward the campaigns’ contributors with digital coupons to discounted products/services, providing a win for everyone involved.

In addition to common social features like favoriting, sharing via email, text message, social media platforms, the app also provides simple yet powerful campaign management, volunteer pledge review, approval, and validation. It sends email and device notifications as needed, including emailing donation receipts.

Built by Menteq Inc, a self-funded technology startup based in Northern Virginia, the app’s latest version was released in October. It aims to democratize access to a world-class digital platform to nonprofits of any size. The sign up is free, the nonprofits and the business sponsors get a $200 introductory credit to try out its features. After the activation, the nonprofits and the business sponsors can setup attractive digital profiles, use words, pictures, and YouTube videos to tell their stories, and make these profiles discoverable for their preferred geography.

The SacreServ app doesn’t run any ads and tightly guards its user’s privacy and data; its revenue solely depends on small fees from the nonprofit fundraising campaigns or a sensible commission from the business sponsors for managing the discount coupons. The details about this can be found at

To learn more about SacreServ or to download the app, visit

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