Nisha Anand, CEO, of, Discusses JusticeTech, ClimateTech, and Bipartisanship

JusticeTech, ClimateTech, and Bipartisanship - Nisha Anand, CEO of

In episode 190 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, we speak with Nisha Anand, CEO, of, on bringing all sides together to solve problems through policy and entrepreneurship.

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About Nisha Anand

Nisha is a passionate Indian-American activist, dedicated mom of two teenagers, and a true leader. Nisha’s remarkable journey began as a radical grassroots activist, fearlessly distributing pro-democracy leaflets in Burma, which unfortunately led to her arrest.

However, this experience only fueled her commitment to organizing and ignited her belief in the transformative power of collaborating with unlikely partners to achieve genuine solutions.

As the CEO of Dream.Org, Nisha guides a diverse group of individuals who, like her, have come to appreciate the immense value of forging unconventional relationships.

Nisha Anand, CEO, of

Prior to her current position, Nisha served as Chief of Staff to Van Jones, an esteemed CNN commentator and New York Times bestselling author.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in nonprofit development and management, Nisha has been an influential figure in fundraising and consulting for several organizations.

Nisha’s unwavering commitment to social justice has garnered international attention, stemming from her arrest in Burma in 1998. This pivotal moment thrust her onto the global stage, leading to numerous speaking engagements at prestigious events and conferences.

Nisha has also been sought after for interviews by various media outlets, including TV, radio, and print, where she shares her inspiring story.

Nisha’s incredible transformation from a punk-rock protester to a true champion of common ground is brilliantly captured in her captivating TED talk, “The Radical Act of Choosing Common Ground.”

This thought-provoking presentation has garnered views from around the world, offering audiences a profound perspective on the importance of bridging divides and finding shared solutions.


At Dream.Org, they recognize that some of society’s most pressing issues also hold immense potential for positive change. However, they understand that lasting transformations can only be achieved through the collaboration of a diverse and inclusive coalition.

Whether it’s addressing the problem of overcrowded prisons, combating the challenges of climate change, or fostering economic opportunities in marginalized communities, Dream.Org believes that sustainable solutions emerge when people from all walks of life come together.


They actively seek common ground in unexpected places and are open to partnering with anyone who shares their commitment to finding solutions, even if they hold differing views on various matters. They firmly believe that their communities deserve nothing less.

This approach has already yielded significant achievements, such as bipartisan criminal justice reform that resulted in the release of over 18,000 individuals from incarceration.

Additionally, Dream.Org’s efforts have led to starting salaries of $70,000 for graduates of their tech cohorts and have been instrumental in securing $78.5 billion in federal funding for green initiatives, including public transportation, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and environmentally friendly school buses.

Through their partnership with Village capital they are a driving force for innvative ways to solve probles throufgh entrepreneurship.

Check out their ClimateTech and JusticeTech accelerators and cohorts.

Dream.Org, previously known as the Dream Corps, was established by Van Jones, an activist and entrepreneur. Through their various programs, they strive to create a future where fewer individuals are imprisoned, pollution is reduced, and opportunities abound for the younger generation.

Together, their vision is to build a nation characterized by freedom, dignity, and equal opportunities for all.

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