The One Journey Festival is Shifting the Narrative about Refugees

Refugees with One Journey Festival

Six months ago, I joined the founding team of One Journey Festival, a grassroots coalition that aims to shift the dialogue about refugees in America. Our team is a made up of nonprofit gurus, industry stalwarts and local DCists, many of whom are refugees themselves, who all proudly state #WithRefugees.

One Journey Festival wants to showcase the many talents and benefits that our new neighbors hold, provide a platform for their stories to be shared, and build empathy (especially among the next generation) for those struggling through this humanitarian crisis.

And that’s why we’re hosting, for the first time ever, the One Journey Festival, a FREE event, open to all, that connects attendees through the universal languages of art, food, fashion, music and dance.

Shifting the Narrative about Refugees with One Journey Festival

About the Festival: 

WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, June 2, 2018 11AM-6PM @ the Washington National Cathedral in Washington DC, USA


  • Narratives matter and influence action – so we’re creating awareness about global refugee problem, and shifting the story to one of social and economic advantage
  • Connection and understanding matter – without it, we won’t care or engage to solve this crisis
  • People feel overwhelmed by the crisis – we’re facilitating pathways towards engagement

WHO: Refugee performers, chefs, artisans, and celebrity speakers (Chef Jose Andres and actor/model Ger Duany); Supported by notable NGOs and large corporations (Accenture, BCG, Allianz, Amnesty International, USA for UNHCR, and more…)

WHAT: Performances, cultural engagement, and storytelling through music, food, fashion, art, and dance; activities for children; international marketplace; ethnic food trucks

FEATURED: Innovative technology – Shared Studios’ immersive video experience connecting attendees with refugees in camps in the Middle East and Latin America;

ATTENDANCE: Is 100% free – expecting 3,000+ attendees throughout the day

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