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Resolve Networks Launches ‘Gaming for Good’ Concept with Operation Comeback

Resolve Networks Launches ‘Gaming for Good’ Concept with Operation Comeback

Resolve Networks Launches ‘Gaming for Good’ Concept with Operation Comeback to Support Veterans

FRISCO, TX (Nov 2020) … In celebration of our Veterans, Resolve Networks is launching a prototype gaming platform as part of its campaign Operation Comeback, where players do good deeds and raise money for charity.

There are currently two games built on the platform: Comeback League and 0Trace. Both games are available for iOS and Android.

Created by veterans for veterans to serve veterans, Comeback League challenges players to first do good by their local environment. Coins earned by players will initially benefit 22Kill, a non-profit organization focused on preventing suicide among veterans and first responders.

Players choose trash collection missions in specific areas of their community, and the platform keeps track of players’ success, awarding them game coins for their works. As coins accumulate and campaign goals are met, they are converted to currency for charity.

“Resolve Networks is a great idea! With their first game titles, Resolve Networks is proving that it is possible (and profitable) to create real-world benefits for gamers, their communities and the non-profits they support,” said Alex Chompff, Marine Corps Veteran and Executive Director, Evolution Accelerator. “Best of all, the virtuous circle is funded by impact-conscious companies who choose to redirect current marketing dollars to enjoy even more brand awareness and social impact than was possible before.”

The 2nd proof of concept game 0Trace benefits the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, a non-profit organization that protects the outdoors by teaching and inspiring people to enjoy it responsibly.

Both concept games focus on a single mission type: community cleanup. In addition to environmental missions, these and future-state game titles will include activities supporting wellbeing and opportunity, along with game leaderboards and contests.

“Every person who ventures outside can protect and enjoy our world responsibly and contribute to restoring natural areas,” said Dana Watts, Executive Director of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. “By encouraging people to get outside and do their part by picking up trash, the 0Trace game by Resolve Networks amplifies the Leave No Trace mission to empower people to take care of our beloved outdoor spaces.”

During the Operation Comeback campaign, each time mission / activity totals reach 50,000 coins, those coins convert to $5,000 in the name of a Sponsor to the Mission Beneficiary.

Opportunities to Engage

Both the Comeback League and 0Trace are proof-of-concept games. The Operation Comeback campaign invites players, crowdfund investors, and developers to collaborate as part of a community effort to prove support for gamifying good by investing their:

When united by purpose, the impact of affinity groups can drive significant progress in resolving the toughest challenges for important causes.

“I am thankful for the goodness within all of the people who have helped prove on paper to date what we aim to prove in this campaign on a larger scale with these Apps,” said founder & CEO Mario Blandini. “I believe that purpose can outrank profit as a motive in both business and our lives. Rather than following an orthodox path to using accredited investors and building full game titles to bring this idea to life, Resolve Networks believes that everyday people who value purpose represent the only fitting path to develop this beautiful idea.”

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