The Phin Platform Wants You to Reimagine What Can Be Done if We Work Together


Not one of us is a stranger to the devastating blows that this year has wielded. Not only are we dealing with global health, economic, social, and environmental crises, many of us are also battling feelings of utter powerlessness as we identify solutions. 

Phin® exists to quelle these feelings across communities and reimagine what can be done if we work together. Phin® is challenging corporate partners across industries to Reimagine 2020 as the year that companies, their customers, and the causes they both care about came together to empower real change in our communities. 

As the crises of 2020 roll on and the Giving Season commences, consumers are becoming drained and discouraged by the constant stream of requests imploring them to round up!, donate here!, give there!. Not only may they, themselves, be at the fall of financial hardship, they are also feeling powerless to spark the widespread changes that the world desperately needs. How can one person make a difference? 

The Phin Platform Wants You to Reimagine What Can Be Done if We Work Together

Phin® is a social good relationship marketing platform. Phin®  helps companies create and nurture impactful 1:1 relationships with customers through sponsored donations to causes important to both the companies and their customers. Companies pay the donations, customers choose the cause, Phin® facilitates it all.

There’s no use in daydreaming about what could have been. Phin® believes what’s more important now is imagining what future we will create. 

With Giving Tuesday and the end-of-the-year holidays just around the corner, this is the time for corporations to step up and be the leaders their community expects them to be. People are looking to political and corporate leaders, who have the real wealth of resources, to pave the way and unify their communities for the sake of the planet and the people on it. If we don’t step up the plate, ⅓ of the essential nonprofits that our communities rely on to get us through such trying times risk not surviving the effects of this pandemic. 

It’s the time to say “thank you” to our communities for getting us where we are and to adopt the issues facing our world as our own through social good marketing.

Phin® believes the best way to do that is to empower your customers through customer-engaged philanthropy. Through their Customer-Advised FundTM , you can put the power of change into the hands of your customers without the economic burden of a personal donation. 

It’s simple! Phin®  creates a secure and seamless online Customer-Advised Fund™, customized for your brand. Working with you, they create campaigns to support causes that align with your values and mission as a business. You sponsor the donations and through Phin’s platform, your customers get the power to choose which of your selected causes to fund. 

There is power and payoff in philanthropic choice. Not only do you give back to your community, you empower them to participate in the solution. When put together, this strategy has the potential to unlock strong feelings of trust in your customers, translating to long-term customer loyalty and new customer engagement. 

They provide the framework and tools so you can focus on accruing the benefits of your corporate philanthropy. Through our framework Phin provides the data and analytics on customer donation behavior so that your company receives each and every long-term benefit that customer engagement ignites. 

Engage your customers during the upcoming Giving Season with a sponsored donation to a nonprofit cause and put your giving to work. There is still the opportunity to make 2020 a year in which we answered the call-to-action together. Let Phin®  help you take the first step.

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