The Plan A Platform Provides Digital Tools Needed To Fight Climate Change


Photo by Randall Ruiz

Using crowdfunding has become this jungle where your little cousin’s debut CD album competes with your neighbor’s cat surgical operation, and fighting climate change has become a competition of who can do less evil. But isn’t the idea to invent something new rather than do the old stuff just less badly?

Is it more about limiting your footprint or actually designing and implementing a new sustainable world? Is it more about understanding the issue or making a donation to your favourite cause? All of the above says Plan A.

Plan A is the first fully-fledged fundraising and action platform in the fight against climate change. Using qualitative and quantitative data related to climate change, Plan A created issue prioritisation maps for countries, regions and cities, to consequently fundraise for organisations addressing these issues.

Plan A also provides in-depth information and news on all things sustainable (or what should be). This way, people, businesses and other institutions can get the full detail: from the conception and choice of the campaign to the end game of these donations, events and awareness actions. This way, people can be what they long to be: a fully-fledged actor of the change they want to see happen locally, regionally and globally. All in one.

Fundraise, because money is the enabler of this transition. It’s estimated that around $120 trillion will be necessary to adapt fast enough to meet the 2°C bar and limit the incurred destruction of both our nature and human infrastructures. That’s the size of the global economy today.


Educate, with the academy to foster another view on climate change, one that is positively inclined to offer solutions rather than problems, and puns rather than complain about the sun.

Gather, not only information and data about the issues, but also people around events, music, and activities that have a direct impact on a specific area of climate change. Don’t miss their monthly documentary screening and their community clean up of Görlitzer park in July. Fun guaranteed.

What will it take to get us out of this planetary pickle? Some A-level planning, motivated people and funds to implement great ideas, nothing less. Because there is no Plan B for our planet.

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