Meet Pulp Culture, the Healthiest Alcoholic Beverage in the World


In episode 76 of the Disruptors for GOOD podcast, I speak with Mark McTavish, CEO & Co-Founder of Pulp Culture on changing our relationship with alcohol and creating the world’s healthiest adult beverage.

Beverage Industry Veteran Mark McTavish (CEO & Co-Founder) and Plant-Based Performance Mogul Brendan Brazier (Co-Founder) combined their areas of expertise to create the healthiest alcohol on the planet.

These two fitness-minded foodies turned social entrepreneurs, set out to create an alcoholic beverage that uses 100% raw, fresh juice that naturally ferments over three months (thank you, mother nature). Called “wild fermentation,” the result is a zero-additive, zero-sugar, bone-dry beverage with 6 billion naturally-occurring probiotics, B vitamins, and 4.9% ABV. The final touch is blending in fermented, nutrient-dense super fruits and performance-boostings botanical adaptogens

Mark was raised in the apple growing region of southwest Ontario, he began his career in the craft beverage industry at the age of 19. Soon after earning his Bachelor of Commerce at Canada’s top beverage management school, Mark established his foothold in the marketplace by opening one of the first craft bars in Canada in 2003.

After helping to pioneer the craft beer industry in Canada, Mark followed his other passion and built a successful career in the commercial fitness business. With a focus on product design and brand development, Mark spent nearly a decade working with fitness professionals across North America. Mark’s career path came full circle when he realized his dream to craft the healthiest alcoholic beverages on the planet; a convergence of two industries that had previously seemed to be an impossible pairing.

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