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Reducing Plastic Consumption with Richa Malik of The Happy Turtle

Reducing Plastic Consumption with Richa Malik of The Happy Turtle

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In episode #9 of the Impact India podcast, I connect with Richa Malik, founder of The Happy Turtle, a DIPP recognised, boot-strapped start-up working towards reducing plastic consumption. They have created the world’s FIRST Plastic Footprint Calculator For Businesses, equipped to assess any business premise on their annual plastic consumption of disposable and reusable plastics.

Richa is an Engineer and XLRI MBA, that later went into sales and marketing, then became a Diving Instructor and Eco-Entrepreneur. She’s the perfect example of a millennial eco-warrior – she’s the master of everything! 

In this episode, Richa dives into how one turtle’s story inspired the launch of her start-up, the epidemic of greenwashing on consumers, and what’s needed from consumers and the government to move forward with proper and sustainable waste management.

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Tune in to learn:

  • How your organization can reduce its plastic consumption
  • What the “burn test” means for identifying plastic vs. biodegradable products
  • How waste management is collected and sorted in Delhi (and what our responsibility is as consumers!)

Begin your journey to reducing plastic consumption with FREE personalized tips with The Happy Turtle’s Plastic Footprint Calculator.

Connect with Richa and The Happy Turtle on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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