Responsibly Ventures is Backing Remarkable Teams to Scale Positive Impact Startups

Responsibly Ventures interview

In episode 26 of the Investing in Impact podcast, we speak with Zécca J. Lehn, General Partner at Responsibly Ventures, on using multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to invest in impact startups.

Zécca J. Lehn is the General Partner of Responsibly Ventures, based in California, backing U.S. PreSeed startups in both Social and Sustainable Tech—using multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a guidepost per investment.

Over the past 15+ years, he has worked as an Environmental Economist, Data Scientist, Non-Profit Board Member, and Co-Founder. He grew up in an off-the-grid Japanese-style home, on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest. Through his world travels and living in Scandinavia during his early 20’s, he discovered a deep love for people, planet, and diverse cultures.

For the past years, he has produced the podcast posi2ive, on Venture Scale Positive Impacts. He also leads regular community roundtables and interviews on Clubhouse– for posi2ive’s current community base of 4k+ members.

He holds a degree in Environmental Economics from Western Washington University, and a Certified Specialization in Data Science from Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, he’s certified under the UN Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). He often speaks on panels, podcasts, and publishes articles on the PreSeed VC impact arena.

About Responsibly Ventures

The emergence of new forms of Social and Sustainable Tech will disrupt society in a good way. The mission of Responsibly Ventures is to back teams and Founders focused on Venture Scale Positive Impacts.

Responsibly Ventures is a PreSeed VC Impact Fund who stands behind Founders, supporting the optionality needed to reach venture scale exits, while reducing impact-risks.

They actively promote all forms of positive impact as a core value driver–e.g., diversity, empathy, social responsibility, ethics, customer love, humane actions, a focus on both people & planet.

The fund seeks opportunities with multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) per startup, as a guidepost in our decision making process.

Zécca is also launching a private beta community of GPs / LPs / Angels / Family Offices / Institutional Funds focused on VC Impact. Learn more about the community here.

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