Supporting Students and Young Leaders in Building the Future of Travel with Operation Groundswell

Future of Travel with Operation Groundswell

After over a year of lockdowns, I’m sure many of us have wondered how we can make a difference, cultivate social change, and use business as a force for liberation. We’ve definitely all wondered when we’d be able to travel again. And we knew that going forward travel had to be done better, positively impacting people, animals and the planet.

So, we thought, if anyone would know how to make travel powerful and purposeful, it would be the Operation Groundswell community. And that’s why we’re bringing our greater community together to share ideas, innovations, and projects that will help build the future of travel with our #LetsRethinkTravel challenge.

The #LetsRethinkTravel Challenge invites our community of students, backpackers, educators, tourism professionals and creatives to bring the travel industry of the future to life with a focus on:

  1. Accessibility, diversity and inclusion
  2. Protecting local cultures
  3. Environmental justice
Rethink Travel Operation Groundswell

As a creative challenge, participants are welcome to share their stories through their chosen art form, including:

  • Written stories
  • Visual and digital arts & photography
  • Film
  • Songwriting and music or podcast/audio storytelling

The top three stories in each art category will be published on here, as well as prizes including free Operation Groundswell programs and gear that supports their storytelling abilities sponsored by FUJIFILM Canada and NUUN.

As a platform, Rethink Travel unites, inspires and engages our community through discussion and hackathons that foster collaboration in building a truly sustainable industry.

To enter the challenge and learn more about our upcoming virtual programs, visit Rethink Travel here. Challenge ends on December 10, 2021.

About Operation Groundswell

Operation Groundswell offers travel and learning service experiences around the world. We’re all about cultural exchange, grassroots activism and off-the-beaten path adventure! Our aim is to build a community of travellers who are socially, environmentally and politically aware of the place we visit and the places we call home.

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