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Rethink Your Vacation Plans This Year To Add Volunteer Adventure Travel

Rethink Your Vacation Plans This Year To Add Volunteer Adventure Travel


“It’s nearly impossible to not have an amazing time,” said a recent Have Fun Do Good trip goer.

What started off as a road trip with friends has turned into a full-on tour company offering unique experiences centered around giving back. This two-year old adventure travel company has continued to gain steam through social channels, particularly Instagram.

“We’re just being really transparent about who we are and what we’re offering,” said founder, Adam Kunes.

Have Fun Do Good recently launched their 2019 experiences, which include a National Park Tour, Costa Rica, Breckenridge, and Yosemite.

If you haven’t heard of HFDG, they are a boutique travel company that offers unique volunteer adventure travel experiences that incorporate a “do good” (volunteer) component. The company chooses amazing locations, plan awesome experiences and give back in the process. You could say that they’re challenging the traditional vacation model by making it more meaningful.

Each experiences consists of at least two volunteer projects ranging from environmental causes to social causes. “We’re finding that a lot of the GOOD comes from getting a group of strangers together. It’s awesome to see the group become a family in just a few short days,” said Kunes.

In addition to their experiences, Have Fun Do Good has been hosting Drink Beer, Do Good events across the country. The events are typically held at a brewery and sandwiches are made for local homeless shelters.

Have Fun Do Good is always looking for new Drink Beer, Do Good hosts, so if you’re interested in getting involved, you can connect here.

To learn more about Have Fun Do Good and their experiences, head over to their site and check em’ follow them on Instagram.

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