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School Chale is Empowering Youth Through Storytelling

School Chale is Empowering Youth Through Storytelling

Empower Youth Through Storytelling With School Chale

In episode 17 of the Impact India podcast, I chat with Raj Jain of School Chale, a creative not-for-profit and educational content platform that creates design driven stories to teach and empower young people at school, online, and on TV. 

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Raj is currently the Partnership and Program Lead based in Mumbai. He leads their Map of Me digital content youth channel, their coding program for girls in Bihar partnered with Microsoft (which will teach 10,000 girls to code!), as well as supervises the scripts and production for their national television show, Children’s Scrappy News Service.

Their stories have been incorporated in national curriculums where they are read by 10 million children, and their films are aired on national television which are watched by over 100 million people!

In this episode, Raj and I dive into the need for storytelling and diverse representation in education, the unique challenges when working in marginalized communities, how to manage working with so many stakeholders, and how School Chale is empowering young girls through computer literacy.

Learn more about School Chale at:, and be sure to watch their television show at You can follow their journey on Instagram at @schoolchale and @scrappynewsservice

“We live through stories, and that’s what people identify with.”

School Chale is Empowering Youth Through Storytelling

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