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12 Awesome Shirts for a Cause That Support Amazing Missions

12 Awesome Shirts for a Cause That Support Amazing Missions


There are many things in our lives that we buy often that we don’t understand the social impact behind those purchases. T-shirts are something we all buy for ourselves and one of the most given gifts for holidays and birthdays. Now when we buy awesome shirts for a cause we can also give back to some amazing missions..

The next a friend or family members birthday comes up think about getting them an awesome t-shirt with a cause and share stories of social impact with them. Below are some awesome t-shirts that represent social impact and social good.

Check out awesome t-shirts below. 😀



ECOALF is born to prove that a truly sustainable fashion brand is possible without sacrificing aesthetics. Where others see trash, they see potential luxury goods. Thanks to the most advanced technologies in recycling, they transform wasted materials like fishing nets, plastic bottles, tires and even coffee leftovers into high quality fabrics and then into designer clothes.

Givida – Change Muscle Tee – Mint


Givida Activewear is a new women’s activewear brand created by Ryne and Kelly Olson, dedicated to ending world hunger. Purchases of any piece in the collection will provide between six and fifteen life-saving supplement meals to malnourished children in Uganda. Each piece in the new Givida Activewear collection features a positive message, including “Do Good,” “Give” and “Be the Change.” The company fosters positive actions by donating 10 percent of sales to Action Against Hunger in order to provide these meals. Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organization that saves lives while building long-term strategies for self-sufficiency.

Indosole – Uni Sex Tee

Indosole takes old tires that would otherwise contribute to Indonesia’s massive landfill problem, and transforms them into beautiful sandals and shoes through a production process that is organic, toxic free, and environmentally sustainable. Not only that – the process provides dignified work to many in Indonesia. They also have some pretty cool tees as well.

The Word Changes – Success Tee

tshirts with purpose_oneword

The Word Changes is a Boston-based apparel and accessory line making huge waves with their brand, using only one word to inspire and motivate their buyers. Whether it’s God, Love, Peace, or Fearless, the powerful meaning behind each word has been creating some serious impact on the lives of those wearing the shirts, and the young adults of America that two thirds of the proceeds go towards to help with education needs and fighting poverty.



Vivid Roots is a social enterprise that gives clean water to those in need with every purchase. They teamed up with Rotary International to fund their first water project in Chiquimula, Guatemala. They are now continuing the partnership with multiple Rotary clubs & the non-profit Water For The Americas to implement sustainable clean water systems in developing countries. The team consists of four friends, all in their early 20s, from Boise, ID who decided to start a brand that embodied their fun and energetic passion for impacting the world in a fun way.



Ungalli Clothing Co. is a Canadian clothing brand based out of Thunder Bay, Ontario designed and produced of 100% sustainable materials. At Ungalli they are fiercely determined to change the way people think about their clothing. They want people to realize the negative impact the clothing industry has on the planet, and are dedicated to finding people who believe its time for change. The mission is to encourage and empower you to make better clothing choices that can collectively lead to large-scale change.



The Thirst Project raises awareness about the world’s clean water crisis by educating the public through school curriculum and local speaking engagements, public exhibitions and other events. They also provide service opportunities through travel and practical, on-the-ground experiences. To raise money, they accept donations and sell Thirst Project products when event appropriate. They promote informed giving and ensure that 100% of our profits are used to directly fund on-site projects providing clean water and sanitization.

Arm the Animals – Women’s | The 3 RS


Arm the Animals creates killer T-Shirts and raises money for cash-strapped animal care organizations! They can’t save every abused, unloved or unwanted animal, but they can save some and they are!  Starting online with a simple website, ATA began attending every animal event in Southern California where their designs spoke directly to most of the attendees. By creating universally relatable designs with no political agenda attached to them, ATA had a design for almost every person who saw them and they soon began making friends in the world of animal rescues.

Humanity Unified – HU LOGO TEE


Humanity Unified empowers poor communities in the developing world to rise above poverty. They start by investing in women. Come travel with them and help change the world. They work with local organizations to help fund projects that empower women and children through education, economic opportunities and sustainable agriculture programs.

Cotopaxi – Do Good Tee


Cotopaxi sells amazing outdoor gear and give back to humanity. They want to disrupt the outdoor industry and inspire companies to do more for the world. Because they sell directly to you online, they offer higher-quality products without the retail markup. Each piece of Cotopaxi gear is tied to a humanitarian cause in one of the poorest regions of the world. We tell you where your money goes in a tangible way. For example, buy a Cusco pack and help educate a child in Peru for one week at Qosko Maqi. When you buy a Cotopaxi +India water bottle, you give clean water to a person in India for six months through our partner, charity: water.

Krochet Kids – Stay Wild Tee


Krochet Kids intl. has continued to grow and evolve in ways  never imagined since earning non-profit status in January 2008.  Today, over 150 people in Uganda and Peru are working, receiving education, and being mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back. Krochet Kids a lifestyle brand & an innovative non-profit. Their mission is to empower people to rise above poverty. The foundation of the organization and actions there within can be summarized in one word… LOVE. They believe actions rooted in love are able to make change in a world that truly needs it.

Bueno Apparel – The Bueno Bianco Crew


Bueno Apparel wants to live in a world without global poverty; where every garment is made from quality materials, staff are paid fair wages and no avoidable damage is done to the environment. To help achieve this world they sell ethical pima cotton tees and donate part of the profits to charity partner YGAP, a movement of entrepreneurs aiming to impact 1 million lives of people living in poverty by 2018.

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