The Shop for Good Sale is Becoming the Ethical and Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

Shop for Good Sunday is Becoming the Ethical and Sustainable Alternative to Black Friday

DoneGood’s Shop for Good Sale: you still get big discounts, but on fair trade and eco-friendly brands.

It’s the meaningful Black Friday alternative: Nov. 22 – 28 on you get up to 70% off on over 100 brands—but also know that every purchase you make reduces poverty and fights climate change

The holidays are supposed to be a time of love, peace, joy, and hope, right?

But the day after Thanksgiving—ironically, right after giving thanks for what we already have—has become known as a day of fist fights and people getting trampled to engage in massive consumption.

That’s why DoneGood started “Shop for Good Sunday.” Shop for Good Sunday is the day dedicated to shopping with brands that do good for people and the planet.

DoneGood CEO Cullen Schwarz calls it “an alternative to the Black Friday madness.” 

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Just like Black Friday, you can get big discounts—up to 70% off. And in the same way Black Friday sales stretch beyond one day now, the Shop for Good Sale on DoneGood runs for a full week: Tuesday, Nov. 22 – Monday, November 28.

But very much unlike Black Friday: you can skip the crowded stores, stay home in your pjs, and browse over 10,000 items that are unique and meaningful, instead of stuff that’s cranked out in a giant mass-production factory someplace.

And you can know that you’re doing real good for people and the planet with every purchase you make, because DoneGood vets every single brand that sells on its site to make sure they’re all paying good wages, using highly eco-friendly practices, and doing good for the world in other ways.

Why Shop for Good?

“Your holiday purchases have power,” Schwarz said. “Every year, Americans spend about $1 Trillion buying holiday gifts.

If even a fraction of that spending can also reduce poverty, fight climate change, and make the world better as we get the gifts we were going to buy anyway—the impact is really huge.”

On DoneGood you can find things like jewelry that helps women escape sex trafficking, solar powered lights that also provide clean energy in areas of the world without reliable electricity with every purchase you make.

You can find non-toxic candles hand-poured by refugees earning a living wage, and a lot of other things that make great gifts and really make a difference in people’s lives and help protect the planet.

“We hope it feels good for people to know that the gifts they’re giving and receiving support the things they believe in.

And we also think the items made by the brands on our site are really just more special and meaningful gifts than the mass-produced stuff giant companies are cranking out,” Schwarz said.

“And you can tell the person you’re giving a gift to that their present made the world better too. That hope that feels more like what the holidays are really all about.”     

The Shop for Good Movement

DoneGood started Shop for Good Sunday in 2017 as a way for everyone in the business-as-a-force-for-good movement could use to promote themselves and promote the broader movement (much like American Express started Small Business Saturday as a way for all small businesses to promote themselves and promote the idea of shopping from smaller businesses). 

Since the first Shop for Good Sunday five years ago, hundreds of social impact brands, non-profits, media outlets, influencers and others have joined in to promote the cause.

Shop for Good Sunday Sale

So while DoneGood has thousands of products on sale this week, they stress that the cause is bigger than that.

Other mission-driven brands are joining in and are running sales on their own sites, too, and helping raise awareness among more people about how much power their holiday spending has to make the world better.

DoneGood hopes Shop for Good Sunday is a chance for more people to decide to support businesses that do good—whether on, other ethical sites, or in their local communities.

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