Meet The Silicon Valley of Social Enterprise

Silicon Valley of social enterprise

Photo via: Kevin Ramos

What do you really know about the Philippines? Maybe that they have beautiful beaches, diverse culture and delicious foods. Maybe you’re not even familiar, and haven’t really engaged in what the Philippines has to offer. What I can share with you is that there is something truly magical about this country that not many people know. It’s the large community of incredible young social innovators hard at work everyday, from Manila to Davao, helping push the Philippines forward as a leader in social purpose business development. The Philippines are quickly becoming the Silicon Valley of social enterprise and it’s very exciting.

In recent years, young people of the Philippines have been embracing their culture and their passions for helping communities in need across the country through merging them to build businesses with a social and environmental focus. From AKABA, a handwoven bags and accessories brand working with traditional craftsmen in rural villages, to Rags2Riches, creating eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled, overstock cloth and Indigenous fabrics, there is a beautiful energy and presence for building big businesses that benefits humans, animals and the planet. And the best part, it’s totally mainstream. Consumers actively search for these social purpose products, and they are widely available in most shopping centres. There is a clear connection between supporting marginalized communities, Indigenous tradition and merging traditional design with modern business techniques that is empowering the entire country, but no one knows about it.

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One of the greatest challenges for these social enterprises is access to the global market. Cambio & Co. is helping bridge that gap by providing an online resource for these social purpose brands to go global, allowing you as a conscious consumer to support these incredible, fashion and community focused enterprises. Through Cambio & Co., previously known as Cambio Market, you can help social innovation thrive in the Philippines all by redirecting where you buy your clothing and accessories.

Cambio & Co. *provides* a platform for the most innovative and socially impactful Filipino brands to grow by showcasing their stories and products – all designed and handcrafted in the Philippines by talented Filipino artisans.

Learn more about Cambio & Co. in the video below and shop fine, fair trade, Filipino products at

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