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SixChel is an American Cut & Sew Startup Creating Sustainable Fashion For Women

SixChel is an American Cut & Sew Startup Creating Sustainable Fashion For Women


Meet Dina Chavez, the creator SixChel, a women’s clothing company based in Austin, Texas. Dina decided to rebrand her entire company to be more ecological after a tragedy occurred in her family. As a result, SixChel has been creating designs and products that support the sustainability of our planet and empowering all women who seek comfort in sustainable and stylish clothes.

See below for a Q & A with the founder of SixChel, Dina Chavez

Tell us a little about the fashion project that led you to launching SixChel and what you’ve learned along the way.

While I was figuring out where I wanted to take my fashion career, I found a small business, Factory45, that helps take idea to product. They focus on sustainable fashion brands and American manufacturing and this helped me decide to work with Factory45 and launch SixChel as a sustainable fashion brand, cut & sewn in the USA. I have learned that the sustainable fashion industry is a great network of people who are committed to changing the fashion industry into a more sustainable and ethical one.

What types of fabrics are you using to align with your ethical and sustainable values?

In our current collection, we decided to use sustainable fabrics such as, Tencel twill, bamboo/organic cotton blend and hemp/organic cotton. These fabrics are made from sustainable fibers. Tencel is considered the most sustainable fabric that is available in the moment. We also used a cruelty-free leather because we do not believe in harming animals for fashion.

Having faced such an unfortunate tragedy, where do you find inspiration to design and move forward with SixChel?

Losing my sister was devastating for me and I will be honest to say that it took a long while to overcome it. But, what did give me the fire to re-brand my fashion label and move forward with my career was knowing my sister would want me to not give up. Sometimes, I do have to convince myself that I need to live for her, too. This gives me great strength to continue building SixChel to the brand I know it will become.

Tell us about The Capsule Collection and the items you have curated for it.

SixChel has a 4 piece capsule collection with a variety of designs that fit the style of a range of women. We wanted to create comfortable clothes with style that could be worn for day or night. The collection was inspired to demonstrate the juxtaposition of strength and femininity that all women posses.
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