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50 Powerful Social Enterprise Quotes About Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship

50 Powerful Social Enterprise Quotes About Social Impact and Social Entrepreneurship


Here is a list of inspiring quotes about social enterprise, social impact, and social entrepreneurship to motivate you everyday. At Causeartist, we have had the great pleasure of interviewing most of these amazing social entrepreneurs on this page and most of these quotes are derived from those interviews.

Going forward this list will be updated as we receive more social enterprise quotes. Have a great day as always 😀

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1: Nur-E Farhana Rahman – Knotty Gal

“Don’t give up! I can’t stress this enough. Talent and intelligence are great, but they mean very little without perseverance.”

Powerful Social Enterprise Quotes - Nur-E Farhana Rahman1 - Knotty Gal

2: Janna Hart – Bonfolk Collective

“Living near skid row was a huge eye-opener for me on poverty in the United States. This experience made me want to do something about it.”


3: Azadeh Tajdar – Shetab Afghanistan 

“Democracies flourish when large numbers of citizens acquire the capacity to shape civic and economic life. Social Entrepreneurship is a process that enables citizens to do that.”

Azadeh Tajdar - Shetab Afghanistan _founder

4: Lucas Turner – buildOn

“Education truly is the ignition for positive change and growth”


5: Colleen Clines – The Anchal Project

“We believe there is a strong movement rising in socially and environmentally conscious products because the public is demanding a change.”

Colleen Clines - The AnchalProject

6: Ben Conard – Five North Chocolate

“Every hurdle along the journey eventually becomes a lesson learned”

7: Scot Tatelman – STATE

“If you’re going to create real impact, it has to be done with the same focus and level of intensity as your business.”

8: Stephen Garten – Charity Charge

“Every year over $16,000,000,000 in credit card rewards points go unused and expire. Doesn’t it seem like they could be put to good use by schools, organizations or charities?”


9: Devan Anderson – MyClo

“It’s imperative that your social mission comes from a 100% real place. In other words, make sure that it’s something that comes from actual experience or that truly inspires you in some way.”


10: Cayla Mackey – Unicorn Goods

“You don’t have to eat 100% vegan or wear hemp to do your part. Change can start with your wardrobe and happen gradually, one purchase at a time.”

Cayla Mackey - Unicorn Goods

11: Brett Hagler – New Story Charity

“The problem is not that people don’t want to help others, the problem is they don’t know who to trust and whether their money will actually make a difference to someone’s life”


12: Peter Diamandis – XPRIZE Foundation

“Even if you fail in doing something ambitious, you usually succeed in doing something important.”

Peter Diamandis - XPRIZE Foundation

13: Steph Korey – AWAY

“I think, as a society, we’ve been too focused on post-conflict resolution, but there’s so much potential for preventing conflict from happening at all!”


14: Mark Horoszowski – MovingWorlds

“Simply put, just by virtue of being from somewhere else and a different industry, I had a different mindset and ideas about how to solve problems.”

Mark Horoszowski - MovingWorlds_founder

15: Kristen Dickerson – Raven + Lily

“Don’t ever compromise what makes you passionate about what you are doing, no matter what.”


16: Seth Maxwell – Thirst Project

“We believe young people have the greatest power to be agents for social change.”

Seth Maxwell – Thirst Project_quote

17: Monty Hasan – Topiku

“I suggest social enterprises to look more upstream in the supply chain. To change the standards of our society, we can’t just offer a product sold to consumers, but a solution that proves our sustainable processes ARE an environmental, social, and financial improvement to the norm.”

18: Jenny Amaraneni – SOLO Eyewear

“People walk into operating rooms blind in one or both eyes, undergo a quick, 10 minute surgery and have their vision restored for as little as $15. It’s crazy how so little can drastically change one person’s life!”


19: John Wood – Room To Read

“Don’t tell us all the reasons this might not work. Tell us all the ways it could work.”


20: Francis Larson – Modern Labor

“We are pretty radical here – not only is all the learning content cheaply available on the internet, it’s so valuable that instead of charging $10,000, we will actually pay you $10,000 to consume it. It’s better than free. We pay people to learn.”

21: Steve Larosiliere – STOKED

“For the past 5 years in a row we have a 100% High School graduation rate. For the past 2 years 100% college acceptance”


22: Dan Barry – Marc Skid

I believe that small actions, multiplied by many people, can make a genuine difference in the world.”


23: Patrick Clarke – Cape Clasp

“You only have one life, so make it yours! Find what you love to do and pursue it relentlessly. Stop treading water and start making waves.”


24: Aanchal Bansal – Redo

“We love fashion but there are just too many clothes being produced, consumed and discarded thoughtlessly. Over 26 billion pounds of garment and textile waste reach the landfill every year.”

25: Hamza Farrukh – Bondh E Shams

“2.1 billion people lack access to safe water, with 3.4 million, mostly children, dying annually from preventable, water-borne diseases.”


26: Jen Woodgate – Cuddle + kind

“For us, it’s about putting the principles of fairness and decency before profits.”


27: Tirthak Saha – Trolysis

“71% of global greenhouse gas emissions since 1988 can be traced back to just 100 fossil fuel companies.”

 28: Vaishali Umrikar – The Empowerment Bag

“I remember sobbing my way through the book. Reading about the exploitation of innocent young girls and women who were tricked into sexual slavery left me angry, upset, and appalled.”

29: Claire Coder – Aunt Flow

“Founding a social enterprise that would be a sustainable solution to help women has been a dream. And I am proud to say it’s a reality.”

30: Sian Conway – Ethical Hour

“We’ve seen entrepreneurs disrupt entire industries before and tackling climate change is undeniably the greatest disruption of our time.”

31: Zack Mellette President – Swope Dreams

“What we are advocating for is an ecosystem that welcomes all players and is willing to think outside the box to find innovative solutions for housing affordability.”

Zack Mellette President and Co-Founder at Swope Dreams

32: Dallas Crum – Vivid Roots

“The idea is to inspire people to live more vividly.”

33: James Bartle – Outland Denim

“It is devastating to see what the garment industry has done to peoples lives through pollution.”

34: Seungah Jeong – MPOWERD

“We want to showcase how clean technology can revolutionize consumer electronics.”

35: Jigar Ganatra – Halisia Travel

“Traveling forces you to change this notion of development dominated by economics and consider the wellbeing of people and the environment when thinking of progress.”

36: Branden Harvey, Founder of Good Good Good

37: Kimberly Novod, co-founder of Saul’s Light

38: Aditi Gupta, co-founder of Menstrupedia

39: Farrukh Lalani, the founder of Daria Day

40: Maya Ajmera, the CEO of Society for Science & the Public 

 41: Katy Sherratt, CEO of Back on My Feet

42: Kuropatkin Tawil, the founder of KUROS

Kuropatkin Tawil, the founder of KUROS

43: Treana Peake // Founder of Obakki

“There is a ripple effect to our actions and it all begins with giving.”

44: Rafik Riad // Founder of Buy Good Feel Good

“I am amazed at the speed at which the social enterprise movement is growing around the world. A new economy exists and it is time to support it”

45: Tamra Ryan // CEO of The Women’s Bean Project

“I really believe that when you change a women’s life you change her family’s life as well.”

46: Jenny Silbert // Founder of Rewilder

“We believe that business has a unique opportunity to lead in environmental issues and shine light on the huge waste in all industry.”


“That direction always stays the same. We want to make sustainable impact and help bring environmental and social awareness into people’s lives”

48: Emma Wingfield – Five | Six


49: Pete Dupuis – World Housing

worldhousing_Pete Dupuis

50: Shawn Hakim – The Dominican Light Project

dominican_light_project (1)

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