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7 Quotes from Social Innovators To Get You Ready For The Day

7 Quotes from Social Innovators To Get You Ready For The Day

Here are 7 Quotes from Social Innovators To Get You Ready For The Day. The one thing that is really cool about this blog, is that I get to interact with really cool people. I reached out to some of them and asked them one simple question.  If I gave you one sentence to inspire the next generation of Social Innovators what would that sentence be? Below is what these seven inspiring individuals said. 

Shivani Siroya – Inventure

“Don’t be afraid of change and adjust – to solve social problems – you have to solve the problem at the core or at the system level, and that takes time and a real necessity to learn from your market and adjust your solution or product as needed.”

Todd Grinnell (Co-founder) This Bar Saves Lives 

“Build your business around being the most helpful to the world and don’t ever forget why you started giving back.”

“Be audacious, be bold, and be unreasonable. You have the technology, the capital, the skills, and the resources needed to address the biggest social challenges of our time. There has never been a better time to be a social innovator than right now — the need for your creations is right now.”

Monisha Raja – Love is Mighty

“Follow your heart and everything else will fall into place.”

Hannah Davis – Bangs shoes

“Don’t over think it; nothing will ever be perfect so just prepare as best you can and do it already”

Jim Ziolkowski – buildON

“Fear is useless. What is needed is trust.
As social innovators we’ve got to be tenacious, gritty and courageous. We deal with cynicism and rejection- especially when what we’re working on is important. So we can never give up. Ever.”

“Ask yourself – should I start my own thing or join a social enterprise that is taking off and needs brilliant people to scale and succeed? The world doesn’t just need more social entrepreneurs – it needs organizations that get big and successful enough to be a model for others. Sometimes the best thing you can do is get on a rocket ship, not try to start your own.”

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