Social Good Lifestyle Label, Someone Somewhere, Expands in the United States

Someone Somewhere Travel Bags

Someone Somewhere is a socially conscious fashion brand that started in Mexico in 2016. They are the first label to connect artisan work with the next generation of social consumers, Gen Z and millennials.

Someone Somewhere has lifted thousands out of poverty by professionalizing the work of artisans and combining their age-old techniques with modern day trends and innovative design details.

The brand offers backpacks, t-shirts, masks and other essentials for the adventure seekers!

  • Someone Somewhere is a Certified B-Corp with a commitment to NET ZERO by 2030.
  • The company has increased artisan’s monthly income by 300% paying them fair wage. Which means living conditions are improving and their children can go to school, instead of having to work in the fields.
  • For every 15 visitors that come to Someone Somewhere’s website, it generates 1 hour of work for a rural artisan.
  • Someone Somewhere operates like a microcredit organization: they hire artisan leaders in each community who divide tasks into supportive sub-groups of 5 leaders.

The concept was developed by a group of 3 Latinx best friends (all under the age of 30) who were taken back with what they experienced while on volunteer trips to rural communities in high school.

The founders lived with artisans for months before formulating an efficient and flexible supply chain that allowed artisans to work from home.

In 2016, Someone Somewhere launched with a Kickstarter campaign with t-shirts and backpacks and hit their 50k goal within just two days – receiving orders from 27 countries including Japan, India, New Zealand, Finland, and more.

They had to shut it down because they reached the maximum number of units they could produce at the time (there were a few hours that orders exceeded one per minute ).

Someone Somewhere Backpack

They had only eight artisans on board upon launch but expanded to more than 50 artisans by the time the campaign ended. Co-Founder Antonio Nuño has built his career around social entrepreneurship, working with NGOs and corporations across the globe (eg: McKinsey & Co) before co-founding Someone Somewhere.

With Someone Somewhere, he has been able to leverage his passion for social sectors and combine it with his business talents – he deeply believes in the purpose he and his team are fighting for.

Antonio has been honored with Forbes 30 Under 30, Pitch@Palace LATAM, Gifted Citizen and many other awards that prove his ambition for social causes.

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