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22 Important Social Impact Conferences You Can Attend Each Year

22 Important Social Impact Conferences You Can Attend Each Year


As the name suggests, social impact conferences are events with the aim of bringing together individuals and organizations to discuss ways to create positive social change.

Attendees typically include causeartists, impact entrepreneurs, and changemakers from a variety of sectors, including business, government, nonprofits, and academia.

We are excited to put together this list of social impact conferences for all the social do gooders around the world. If we missed an event, please let us know about it and we will add it here. Thanks.

The GIIN Investor Forum

The GIIN Investor Forum - Important Social Impact Conferences You Can Attend Each Year

The GIIN Investor Forum is the largest in-person global gathering of impact investors.

The Forum has a strong reputation for presenting delegates with the opportunity to build relationships, discover opportunities, share insights about new strategies, learn the latest industry developments, and explore ways to drive continued momentum and growth in the market.

Impact investing is reshaping the future of financial markets as increasingly people are considering the societal and environmental impact of their investments in addition to their financial returns.

See dates and learn more.

Buy Good. Feel Good Expo

Toronto / Los Angeles

Buy Good. Feel Good.” is dedicated to building a community of people and organizations who believe that business should have a positive impact on the world. The “Buy Good. Feel Good.” Expo is North America’s largest Expo dedicated to social enterprises.

Discover products that make a positive impact, from jewelry and apparel to investment and travel opportunities.

Every purchase we make has an impact. Buy Good. Feel Good. connects consumers with the brands that make a difference. Join our Movement and let us change the world, one purchase at a time.

World-Changing Women’s Summit

Sonoma, CA

Imagine being in the heart of wine country, connecting with hundreds of other women-identifying change agents who are using the power of business to make the world a better place.

Picture yourself meeting fellow female business leaders on a guided hike overlooking vineyards or laughing with your peers over a meal of locally sourced ingredients from women-owned vendors.

This is the World-Changing Women’s Summit a heartfelt retreat of mission-driven women* among the rolling hills of Sonoma — a place to intentionally slow down and incubate connection, inspiration, and rejuvenation with other incredible women. See dates and learn more.

Accelerate Good Global

San Francisco, CA

Accelerate Good Global (AGG) is a one-of-a-kind social impact tech conference, which takes place in SF. 

Hosted by nonprofit Fast Forward, the summit convenes the tech nonprofit ecosystem: the tech nonprofit entrepreneurs who are building tech to solve social issues ranging from education to human rights, tech and CSR leaders, and anyone interested in tech for good.

AGG sparks meaningful conversations both on stage and off through a morning of fireside chats with leaders in the social impact tech space and an afternoon of hands-on workshops, micro-mentoring, and community-building.

Classy Collaborative

Boston, MA

Social Innovation and Social Impact Conferences You Can Attend Each Year - Classy

The Classy Collaborative is an immersive experience designed exclusively for the social sector to gain insights, strategies, and inspiration. From fundraising and marketing best practices to the latest in technology and data, discover the tools and connections you need to accelerate your organization’s impact.


Washington, DC

What started as a storytelling showcase and luncheon at The Yale Club of NYC attended by more than 200 social entrepreneurs, influencers and impact investors committed to advancing female founders, has evolved into a two-day brand amplification event focused on expanding the ecosystem of support for women and new majority founders leading social enterprises.

We’re bringing together social entrepreneurs, tech innovators, digital creators and impact investors for curated content, high-quality brand-to-brand connections and community-building.

If you’re on a mission to make money and make a difference in the world, then you can’t afford to miss PurpleCON.

Social Innovation Summit

Chicago, IL

The Social Innovation Summit is an annual event that is taking place in Chicago and centers on bringing together technology, investment, philanthropy, international development, and business.

Some of the world’s most visionary leaders are represented at the Social Good Summit, and they speak to investigate solutions to some of the greatest problems of our time. See dates and Learn more

The Heart Series Conference

Los Angeles, CA

The Heart Series is hosted in Southern California, and is a two— day event that facilitates discussions with leaders from the world’s most innovative companies.

The event encourages entrepreneurs, as well as organization and brand leaders, to share how business can create a socially good impact in society. See dates and Learn more

Harvard Social Enterprise Conference

Boston, MA

The Harvard Social Enterprise Conference is one of the largest student— run social impact conferences on Harvard’s campus, and one of the leading forums of dialogue in America. The conference strives to unite students, academics, and professionals to discuss the topic of social enterprise.

The conference theme is, “What is the Bottom Line?” with an emphasis on social and political turmoil in order to promote civic engagement through social enterprise.

The tracks at this year’s conference include: Startup Society, Unleashing Human Potential, Reimagining Capitalism, and Disruptive Potential. See dates and Learn more

The Impact Conference at Sustainatopia

Different Cities

Sustainatopia is an annual, world— renowned, business conference and celebration for social, financial, and environmental sustainability.

This year the conference will be take place in Boston and will have roughly 300 speakers from around the world discussing topics of global sustainability and unity. See dates and learn more

Net Impact Conference

Atlanta, GA

The Net Impact Conference is based in Atlanta, and for 25 years has given attendees skills, experiences, and connections to create tangible social impact through their careers.

The Net Impact Conference hosts a range of individuals, from small to corporate companies, students to professionals, in order to take on social challenges, protect the environment, and invent new products.

This year’s Net Impact Conference will go a step further and help attendees map out a “Path to Purpose”, and experience unlike any conference has hosted. See dates and Learn more

Slow Money Conference

Boulder, CO

Slow Money is a nonprofit organization, and the Slow Money Conference will be held in Boulder, Colorado. The organization strives to bring new sources of capital to small food enterprises in order to support the usage of healthy soil.

Soil fertility is vital to human health and this conference fuels profit and conversation towards entrepreneurial finance supporting soil fertility, carrying capacity, sense of place, cultural and ecological diversity, and nonviolence.

Agents of Change Summit

San Diego, CA

The Agents of Change Summit explores the science of behavior change through the best research and compelling case studies.

The Summit, based in San Diego, engages innovators from the community of professionals using marketing and technology to change people’s health behaviors for social good.

Attendees participate in keynote speeches, interactive workshops, and breakout sessions that help strengthen behavioral change strategies. See dates and Learn more

IMPACT National Conference

Multiple Cities

The IMPACT Conference, historically, is the largest nation — wide gathering of students, administration, and non— profit staff, and is essential to the national student service movement.

Attendees engage in a variety of workshops that target subjects such as activism, politics, and advocacy. Every year the conference is held at a different host campus in order to captivate a variety of students spanning the country, and this year it will be held at the University of Dayton in Ohio! See dates and Learn more

Nonprofit Technology Conference

Different Cities

The Nonprofit Technology Conference is an annual membership organization conference that explores technology and technology strategies. Members of this conference are dedicated to technological advancement, sharing knowledge, vigorous research, and constant industry analysis.

The next conference will take place in New Orleans, with over 2,000 professionals from around the world represented and over 100 sessions of technology based exercises and talks. See dates and Learn more


Boulder, CO

In a faster flatter world, if you want to go far, you must go with others. In that spirit, the theme of the UNSUMMIT is: Unlocking Radical Collaboration. Read the inspiration behind the theme.

What Is An UNSUMMIT? An open source gathering of FearLess savants, rock stars, and badasses (yes that’s you and your fellow COMMONers) who know that saving the world has to be fun.

We’ll have a few program elements in place heading into the UNSUMMIT, but the spirit of the event is to embrace whoever shows up, and trust that they are the right people, with the right experience, and the right desire to contribute to a meaningful shared experience.

We co-create the program and schedule on day 1 of the UNSUMMIT.

A few weeks before arriving in Boulder, we send out a survey to gauge people’s needs and interests.

That information is used to make suggestions and support the process of creating the roadmap for the event. Last year the process took 30 minutes.

Crazy huh? But that’s what you get when you are working with a group of people who share the same values, goals, and purpose. See dates and learn more.


San Francisco, CA

The Social Capital Market Conference is an event that explores solving global issues through market— based solutions.

Every year the conference is held in San Francisco, and brings together a variety of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, foundations, governments, and institutions to increasing the flow of capital toward social good. See dates and Learn more

The Fast Company Innovation Festival

New York, NY

The Fast Company Innovation Festival is held annually in New York City and is a mega— assembly that highlights a wide range of occupations including design, entrepreneurship, technology, and social good.

Attendees obtain exclusive access to some of the leading companies in New York City and develop their networking and personal experience. Over 10,000 attendants frequent this event and experience a variety of workshops, over 100 tracks, and 200 speakers.


Austin, TX

The goals of SXSW Good are to bring a diverse group of individuals to explore advancements in the world of entertainment and create networking opportunities for these innovators.

The conference is annually hosted in Austin Texas, and is a celebration of film, music, design, and interactive industries. Every year the event spans 24 tracks of programming, showcases, screenings, and exhibitions. See dates and Learn more

The SRI Conference

Colorado Springs, CO

The SRI conference (Sustainable, Responsible, Impact Investing) takes place in San Diego, and highlights how long-term future value is intertwined with the health of people and the planet.

The conference is for investors who enjoy the financial benefits of stock ownership but also want to make a difference in the world.

Attendees take responsibilities for investments, and learn strategies such as how to direct investment capital towards enterprises that contribute to the environment, how to treat people fairly, and produce healthy products. See dates and Learn more

DMA Nonprofit Conferences

Different cities

The latest DMA Nonprofit Conference will take place in Chicago, and offers networking opportunities and insight for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers professionals.

This conference is considered the platform for exchanging information on fundraising ideas and innovative philanthropy. The event will have 110 speakers, 35 sessions, 10 hours of networking. See dates and Learn more

Sustainable Brands Conference

Different Cities

At Sustainable Brands, you’ll find news and views from thought and practice leaders, online and live events, a robust resource library, peer-to-peer learning groups, E-learning, a terrific set of solutions providers and more.

All designed to help corporate brand and sustainability professionals, social entrepreneurs and the eco-system of value partners who support them uncover, and successfully execute on new opportunities to profitably innovate for sustainability.

Our promise is to inspire, engage and equip today’s business and brand leaders to grow revenues and enhance brand value, reputation and loyalty, while helping lead us to a healthy and sustainable future for all. See dates and Learn more

Listen to our Causeartist podcasts here.

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