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DoneGood Raises $300k In Equity Crowdfunding To Grow Social Impact Shopping Platform

DoneGood Raises $300k In Equity Crowdfunding To Grow Social Impact Shopping Platform


DoneGood is now opening its next fundraising round.  As part of the round, they will are engaging in an equity crowdfunding campaign. Thus far they have raised over $300k through their campaign to bring easy social impact shopping to your phone and laptop!

Equity crowdfunding is a bit like Kickstarter, but unlike traditional crowdfunding, with equity crowdfunding people can actually invest in a company’s real fundraising round. For example, instead of giving a company money and getting a t-shirt or product, you have a real investment that can yield a real return over time as a company grows and gains more customers. Learn more about the risks and rewards of investing in equity crowdfunding here.

To check out and invest their campaign, visit:  

Before June 16, 2015, equity crowdfunding was limited to individuals meeting certain net worth and income levels (accredited investors), but in May of 2016, Title III of the 2012 JOBS Act’s came into effect which allows equity crowdfunding regardless of net worth or income. That means if you just have $100, $200 or $500 you can invest in early stage startups.

What is DoneGood?

DoneGood is an app and chrome extension that makes it extremely simple to discover social impact companies while shopping online. Just do a Google or Amazon search or go to a big name company’s website and you see ethical, sustainable companies similar to the big companies you already see online. Download on iOS and Chrome Store

These social good alternative companies are paying workers well, lifting people out of poverty, preserving the environment and not cranking out cheap stuff in an overseas sweatshop. DoneGood users also get discounts at these social enterprise brands when adding and using the chrome extension.

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